Some Projects – From the Wine to the Neck

This is a project I found on
I had a brown wine bottle,
wrapped some rubberbands around
it in different places and
whipped out the green
spray paint.
Let it dry, remove the rubberbands and
this is what you have.
Next, I had an order for a necklace.
Also found this on PINTEREST.
A chain, a round charm and a
cross. Run the chain through
the round charm and the cross
at the end of the chain.
Next I made the same type of necklace
for my daughter in law. She recently
lost a favorite cat so I found her
a charm of a cat….think she will
like it. It went in the mail
Thursday and it should be
delivered tomorrow. Hope
she likes it.
Yay…another order. I had made a necklace
like this for myself. Lady at work loved
it and wanted one to match a jacket that
she has, plus she wanted a bracelet.
She loved it.
This is just a bit of what I have been up too.
But I have so many other projects in
Thanks for stopping by,

2 Responses to “Some Projects – From the Wine to the Neck”

  1. YAY for orders and creativity! I am eyeing that bottle and wondering what other colors I can spray paint and rubber band! THX!

  2. The necklaces are beautiful! I love the bottle–what a fun method for a design!

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