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I Heart Faces – Bust a Gut

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This weeks challenge for I Heart Faces is
Just recently photographed a wedding in Mississippi.
The bride and groom were great but the
rest of the family was a blast.
I think this photo fits well with the
theme for this week with I Heart Faces.
Mom and Daughter
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Christmas Card

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For the last few years I have painted my own Christmas
card. Last year, I just could not find that
inter painter in me so I used one
of my photos. But this year, I am
back on it.
I will scan this when its dry and add Merry Christmas
to it. I then just have 4×6 photos of it
to mail as my Christmas card.
I love being able to do a one of a kind
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Columbus, Mississippi

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Three years ago this month I was asked
to shoot my first wedding. I have
bought my camera for a hobby but
that hobby has really grown
to weddings and senior class
portraits…and I love it.
Through my “hobby” I have traveled
to different places to shoot a wedding.
I have done 3 weddings in Maryville, TN which
is a 3 hour drive from me. The longest
distance I have gone was to
Temecula, California for my
son’s wedding to my lovely daughter
in law, Britney.
My last wedding did not take me
that far away but it did take me
on a 5 hour drive to Columbus, Mississippi.
A cute little town that reminded me so
much of the Georgia town that my mom
was born in.
Downtown, Main St.
These house were off Main St.
I so love the Victorian look.
This is Puckett House. It
is on the grounds of the college
and anyone can rent it out. The rooms
are $70.00 a night and to rent the downstairs
that is an additional $150.00.
The family of the bride stayed here and
the reception was held here.
Furnished with Victorian style
furnishings and so comfortable
of a place.
This is coming from upstairs to the
A drawing of the house.
And I so loved the lights.
Again, if you are needing a nice
place to go try going to the Puckett
House for a get away in Columbus,
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DJ’s 3rd Birthday Cake

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In September I made and decorated my youngest
grandson’s b-day cake. Braden turned 1 year old.
Then in October I
did the cake for my oldest grandson, Caleb.
Caleb turned 11.
Two weeks later I was doing my middle
grandson’s cake. DJ turned 3 years
old. And since he loves
tractors, this was the cake
I did for him.
Can’t ever remember a child wanting to
eat cake before opening his gifts but
that is what DJ wanted to do.
I think he liked the cake Nana
did for him.
Now, I have a break till September 2012! Yay…
thank goodness.
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Fall Colors

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I love the fall! I love the colors! I
love the crisp feeling mornings and evenings.
I just am not crazy about what comes
after fall!
The yellows are great…

The reds are fantastic.

And it looks so nice when you find
several colors right together…

And look at the blanket of colors that
have fell like a puddle on the ground.

Such a pretty spot to kick back and watch
the colors blow in the breeze.


A week and a half ago the colors
were at their peak….and
although we still have a lot,
we also have some bare branches

The colors come and go so fast
taking the crisp air and replacing
it with the cold of winter…..
Get ready here it comes.
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Inside the Barn

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Just riding around you never know what you will
come up on.
The other day I was out with the camera
looking for fall colors and
ran across this….
A blue, gray barn with these
old cars in it.
I love old barns and I love
old cars.
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Reclaiming my Craft Room

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There are NO pic of how it looked before I started to
reclaim it……I sure did not want anyone to see
that mess….
But I like the finished product.
Years ago my brother owned a business and when
moving those offices he gave my Mom and
I some really nice bookcases. I had two and Mom
had several. I used them for just what they are….
bookcases. But that has changed now…..
They are now in the craft room and working out great
for holding all my stuff. Thanks to my daughter
for moving them for me since I have been dealing
with some pretty wicked back stuff.
As you can see I lined them up side by side and now I
can see everything.
This is the wall across from the bookcases.
The wooden piece I love but it is way to large
to move into the other room so I have left it here
and it holds a lot of containers of beads and
other things. Not showing a pic of that right
now since I still need to clean in there.
But what is helping to give me more room is
that were the table is is where my office desk was….sharing
an office and craft room was not working since my office
was not just a computer and printer, it held
my disc from my shoots, cameras, and equipment…
and more. That has been moved to the
guest room.
But…..the camera equipment will be stored in this
closet when not in use. I have my winter clothes
in there now but I am taking them out and
putting in shelves to store that stuff on. 
As you can see I have room now in a small room to
get creative in…..Now, to clean the rest of the house
in plans of starting the creative flow this week
after work hours. I have so much to do before Christmas
and I also have another wedding to shoot
this coming weekend. BUSY, BUSY,
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