Night Shooting

Playing around with a Nikon D3100 and I love it…
but I am still thinking that I will take it
up one more step to the D5100 as my
up grade.
But these are some shots I got with the D3100.
Just off the porch, down the drive and thru the
trees, I caught this…
And hanging off the eve of my porch I found this
guy. Now let me say first that I did not
get to close because my biggest fear is
a spider. But I have to admit the webs
are a work of art….check this one out.
And here is from another view. Look
at the work that goes into that, and it
will be gone in the morning.
Got this critter (whatever he is) climbing up
the rail.
But just ahead of him was this greeny looking spider.
I never hold the rail at night as I walk down the steps…
On the birdbath turned planter I saw this guy.
And no, this is not a turd, its a snail….
climbing on the house.
Thanks for stopping in,
be sure and return,

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