Sun Bonnet Sue on the Beach

I use to take a class for oils, that is when I learned
that I could paint, I was years old then.
So that goes to show that its never to late.
I stopped taking classes about  years ago but
I have continued to paint some.
When I started with my photography about 3
years ago I kind of put painting on the side.
Not only due to that but also due to the
fact that I have them stacked everywhere in
the craftroom and hanging on the walls….I
was running out of room.
But a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to
paint something. I have not picked out what
I wanted to paint for my Christmas card this year
so I was not ready to start that, so I picked a little
girl on the beach.
Here she is drawn out.
And this is the starting of putting on the color.
This is her as she continues to improve with
I kind of got the outfit out of sorts and ended up
making it a bit wider under the arm then it needed
to be….so that was something I was going
to have to fix….
She is coming right along now. It has taken me
weeks to finish her since I only work on it here
and there.
But last night I finsihed her. Isn’t she the cutest?
Thanks for stopping in,

One Response to “Sun Bonnet Sue on the Beach”

  1. Pam! that is such a sweet painting!great job!gail

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