Day 6 – April 4, 2011 – Handmade Paper

Today I went to the mailbox and had a really nice
package waiting on me.
Thanks Nikki.
Nikki is the sister in law to my sister in law, Lori,
who is married to my oldest brother…
(did I confuse you yet?).
Nikki lives in the mountains of North Carolina with
her hubby in this beautiful cabin by a creek.
I met Nikki of course through Lori and loved her from
that minute on. She is not afraid to say what she feels,
she is loving, funny and so very kind.
I think it was a couple of years ago that Nikki
started making her own handmade/homemade
paper. She had some at my niece’s graduation
and I remarked on how neat and pretty it was….
And that is where the package today came in at.
Nikki sent me a stack of lovely paper, some
cards and even some round tags.
Aren’t they lovely?
This one folds out and…..
looks like this. I like this one the best.
Then here is a card
and yet another card.
I love her papers and I have asked her if she would take orders
cause I am thinking this would make an awesome Christmas
So what do you think?
Thanks for stopping in,

2 Responses to “Day 6 – April 4, 2011 – Handmade Paper”

  1. How absolutely wonderful!!!

  2. Oh I love handmade paper and this is just so pretty.

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