Day 364 – March 28, 2011 – Last Weeks Photo Shoot with Holly

First I want to say Happy Birthday to one of my oldest
and dearest friends, Barb. Hope you had a
great day. Barb and I have been friends since I
was about 12 years old, and anyone wanting
to do the math…I am now 51 yrs old.

Barb lived down the street from me
and I stayed there almost every Friday night.
I was the maid of honor in her wedding
and our kids are the same age. Her first son, Phil,
was born in Nov. and my daughter
was born in Dec. Six and a half years later,
my son Cory came along in July and
right behind him in August came her second
son Christopher. We may go
months without seeing or talking to each other
but I know that for me, her
and her husband Phil are always there…
I hope they realize that I would always
be there for them also.
Now on with the post……This is Holly, my niece, daughter of my
youngest brother Mark. Holly is one of those people that there
is not much she can’t do….sing, act, play piano, sports and
grades. So I was not surprised at all when she showed me that
she was just as good with a camera. I have been told more then
once that I have the “eye”…..well so does Holly.

A week ago Holly and I headed out with our cameras to
shoot for the local calendar for 2012.
Above is Holly trying to find the right shot.
Okay, enough of that, I don’t want her to get the BIG head! lol
This building was built about a year ago. It sats at the
corner of a busy road not far from the house.
Apparently it is for Preserving what
was once the spot where a toll road was.
Next is the sign at the entrance road for The
This is actually a shot I took the day before I took Holly
out. I drove by, looked over, turned around
and went back to catch this shot while
the blooms were still on the Bradford Pear
After dropping off at Granny’s after our shoot I came
upon this….a turkey bluzzard (I think).
I scared him off his meal when I topped the hill.
He was feasting off road kill.
I pulled over and waited about 10 min. for the cars to
stop coming by and him to feel like he
could return to his meal. Ugly thing, isn’t
Thanks for stopping by,

One Response to “Day 364 – March 28, 2011 – Last Weeks Photo Shoot with Holly”

  1. Great shots, P1! I am amazed at all of the wildlife shots you get; deer and turkey buzzards, and of course, squirrels. I live in the woods and never get shots like that! You not only have the eye, you have some strong "wildlife attraction" going on, too! :<)

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