Day 359 – March 23, 2011- Old Hermitage Church, Tulip Grove Mansion-Hermitage TN

Just a jump and a skip away from The
Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson
is Tulip Grove Mansion. The home was
built for Andrew Jackson Donelson who was married
to the President and First Lady Rachel’s niece,
Emily Tennessee Donelson.
On the grounds of Tulip Grove you will find The Old
Hermitage Church, a church that the President
himself took the lead in having built when the
older church burned. He supplied 3 acres of
land to build the church.
The church was built in 1823. Andrew and Rachel Jackson
are not laid to rest here but they are laid to rest on the
grounds of the Hermitage in the garden.
If you happen to make it to the Nashville area drop by the
Hermitage and the Church. Go sometime during
nice weather so you can walk and enjoy the slave cabins
and the grounds. Upon looking up info for this blog
I read where the Tulip Grove Manison is now closed.
I know that once upon a time they would not allow
you upstairs due to the weaking floors and I am
hoping that it is to reopen.
Thanks for stopping in,

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