Day 354- March 18, 2011 – On the Way to and From

 Normally I have my point and shoot with me at all times but for
the sunset this evening I learned that it needed charging!
I don’t usally have my Nikon with me going
to and from work unless there is an event
that I will be photographing at work.
Yesterday however I did take the Nikon
with me cause I knew I would be leaving work
a bit early and since things are in bloom I
thought I could get a few shots..
Luck was with me on having that camera with me…
As I was driving through my mom’s subdivison (my dog
goes there daily to Granny’s to play with her dogs)…I looked
in the rear mirror and saw this~~~
At 7am in the morning it was beautiful and helped to start
my day with a smile. No…I did not shoot this as I drove, I
stopped and got out.
Then on my way home I had the camera set on
auto and was ready for the view. I knew I had
to catch this shot as I drove by (no, I did not
stop this time).
But aren’t the Bradford Pears so pretty?
Then while stopped at a red light I saw a plane flying over…
and since I had camera in hand, I shot this.
Southwest I think!
Thanks for stopping in,

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