Day 348 – March 11, 2011 – From the Past


When I was a teen and even after I married
at 20, I never thought that I would like
antiques and older items…
That tune has changed over the years
and if I could afford it I would have a large home
covered in antiques. 
But….the best antiques or older items comes
from items handed down for one 
generation to the other.
Meet my Great Granny, shes the one on
the far right. The two other ladies were
my Great Aunt Etta and my Great Aunt
 With the intro’s out of the way I wanted to
show you what my Mother has given me this
week, items that belonged to my Great
This is an old tin that was her’s. Can’t tell
what kind of tin it was or what
it held
but it was hers.
What is amazing is the items inside the tin.
These items were put here by my Great Granny
and my Mother has kept them there, as I will.
Keep in mind that my Great Granny left
this world when I was either 14 or 15, making
it around 37 years ago.
Next is another tin that belonged to her.
No surprises in this one. Things did not come
in boxes back then so I am sure
there were lots of tins that she went through.
Mom has looked this one up and it is valued
at 14.50…but the value to me is so much more.
This item really interest me. It is a wooden
bowl that she mixed up her rolls in.
There are cut marks on the inside and if you look
closely you will see that flour is still enbedded in there.
Then comes the pin.
Great items past down to me to cherish and hold
and to know that once upon a time, my Great
Granny held these items and even made
tasty rolls with them.
Thanks for stopping in,

One Response to “Day 348 – March 11, 2011 – From the Past”

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog…it is nice to meet new people! You are so lucky to have inherited such lovely things that once belonged to such a special lady! Priceless…

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