Day 321 – February 11, 2011 – The Birds

Wednesday was a snow day for me! Mother Nature just keeps on dumping
on us in Nashville. So with the roads in slick shape, I took
off work. I could not let that day go to waste but I am learning
so fast that there are just so many times and ways that you can
photograph the snow in your own yard!
With that, I decided to leave the dog in the house and I went out
once again into my white yard but this time to see
if I could catch some birds in action. I left the dog
in the house cause on my past attempts to do this,
he scares them all off by chasing them.
Got this mess of guys in the backyard high in the trees.
They were making a lot of noise.
Then I caught this cutie setting in the tree near the front of the drive.
All my trees line the drive across the creek. And getting
this next guy was a challenge.
I started at the front of the drive trying to catch a shot of her. But she
would either be behind small branches, to far away or I would
scare her off with the sound of the frozen crunching snow!
But I got this shot of her.
Next I found this one sitting on the line next to the front porch….
just waiting and posing.
And last but not least…I shot this one from my desk in the
craft/office in front of the window.
Thanks for stopping in.


One Response to “Day 321 – February 11, 2011 – The Birds”

  1. I love birds! I love to watch them carry on their day to day activities. great pics!jamie had the worst time getting home the other day (weds?) it took her hours. We were on the phone for a lot of it, but she was so frustrated by sitting in traffic, we had to get off the phone. She just needed to chill!I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weekend pam!gail

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