Day 320- February 10, 2011 – Stop….Mother Nature, Please

Once again, Mother Nature decided to dump a mess of wintery white on us.
I have lost count now just how many snows we have had since December,
and might I add, we don’t have this in Tennessee. This has
been a different kind of winter for us.
My road this morning was all ice with a layer of snow.
Driving was out, so I got out and walked up the street with my camera.
On my walk I noticed my neigbbors try to get the truck up in the drive.
The view from my front porch, past the holly tree was very pretty.
This was a total of 3 inches looking out past the birdhouse.
Even though I am about over all the cold (it dropped to 9 degrees at 8:30
this morning) and snow you can’t help but find
some beautiful shots in the snow.
And I guess if I get tired of us being dumped on by Mother Nature,
I can take a seat and rest on my neighbors bench.
Thanks for stopping in,

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