Day 314 – February 4, 2011 – Tagging – Met your Limit

314 days ago I made a pledge to myself to post a pic a
day for 365 days. I have missed the daily mark a couple
of times and then I had to post a couple of days worth
of pics to get caught up….whoops……
But actually it has not be that bad.

Then there were the days I did a craft and I had
to not only post a pic I had to write up info on it.
That was not really my thoughts when I started
this daily thing, so then I figured it would just be
considered a post a day, of some sort.

That is where I am today, one day late I might

I did not take this pic but I wanted to share this
with you.

I attended a neighborhood high school when I was
growing up. I was very lucky in that area. We
were not bused miles from home and we were
attending school with some folks we have known
for years.

A few years after we graduated the school was closed
as a high school, it is now a middle school. There is
no longer and has not been for years a DuPont Sr.
High School in my area.

But thanks to the internet and facebook so many
of us have reconnected. We lost contact through
the years we were working hard, college, raising
a family and just plain growing up.


A couple of years ago a friend from school, Mike,
sent me a Piece of Flair, a logo of our school in the
form of a butter, via facebook.

I added it to my flair pieces on my facebook
page and forgot about it. But I ran across it
the other night and decided to post it as
my profile pic! School people came on saying
how much they liked it and how could they get
it. I sent it to them in the way of a flair or button.

Then it hit me….why not have all my DuPont friends on
facebook tag the phone to themselves and we all
post it as our profile pic! Wow, it was so neat to
scan my page and see all those profile pics that
were proudly sporting this button!

Problem was people started telling me they could
not tag it. So I tried to tag someone, it said
that I had reached my tag limit. LOL…..
how funny is that. Did not know there was
at tag limit! That was a first for me.

Thanks to all my friends that played a long and
went to others page to tag that had tagged from
me. It was so neat and so much fun. I guess you
never grow old of some fun.

Thanks for stopping in,


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