Day 296 – January 16, 2011 – Sweetest Words

This photo was taken about 2 years ago of Caleb and I.

Who could not love that face?

And with that face comes the sweetest words sometimes.

Last February, my daughter told Caleb that it was my birthday

that day then she asked him if he knew how old I was, his reply~

“Old, but not so old that I can’t love her!”

With words like that turning 50 was not so bad.

Then there was the time about 4 years ago when I was talking

to him from work and he said~

“Nana I love you infinity and beyond”.

Or the time he told me I was exquisite….then asked me

what that meant. After I told him he kept telling me just

how exquisite I was.

There are more and more little things like this but this morning he

proceeded to say ~

Caleb ~ Nana I love you

Me ~ I love you too

Caleb ~Love you more

Me ~ Don’t know about that

Caleb ~ I do, no denying it.

What a wonderful way to start my day!


2 Responses to “Day 296 – January 16, 2011 – Sweetest Words”

  1. Hi, Pam Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. What a sweet little boy you have there.. he sounds very smart too

  2. Awww Caleb is the sweetest! Hmmm my little guy used to say things like that…now he's a Teen…sigh.. so I only get those sweet comments once in a while.. Still… I'll grab on with both hands and a smiling heart when they come my way… Caleb is a smart little guy…you are a sweetheart. LOL.. ; Nancy M.; Ohio

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