Day 287 – January 6, 2011 – Dustpan

A few years ago I ran across a great dustpan. And then
it broke somewhere a long the line.

About 6 months ago I located some more of these dustpans.
They are great for someone who has a back issue, if you are
pregnant (as big as I got…these would have been nice), tired or
just do lazy to bend over! lol

I have found them at Dollar General for $3.00 but
those fold up on the end and lock into the pole. Nice
for storing them away but I have only found them in
funky colors and the pan was wider.

Then I found one at the Dollar Tree for yes, $1.00.
Makes sweeping up the dust a lot easier!

Check out your local dollar stores to see if you can find one…
and save on your back.
Thanks for stopping in,


One Response to “Day 287 – January 6, 2011 – Dustpan”

  1. Ohh, that is awesome. I just may have to go and find me one :)~Tabitha

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