Day 281 – December 31, 2010 – Today’s Projects

Last week I made a trip to Habitat for Humanity and I
found this drawer pull for less then a $1.00. There was
only one and I thought it was rather neat. So….yes, I
took it home with me and had NO clue as to what I was
going to do with it.

Until the other day.

I decided that I would just mount in on wood to hang in
the living room next to the door. Just for the cool look
of it.

I had this plaque on hand that was purchased at
a yard sale at some point for a whole whopping
10 cents.

I pulled out my black paint

and coated my piece of wood.

I then placed the drawer pull on the painted wood
with Grollia glue.

Thought it turned out great.

My next project was something that I have seen
while checking out other blogs (sorry I was
unable to find it again to post that link).
I took a wooden candle holder that I had on hand,
it was either purchased at Goodwill or on clearance
at Hobby Lobby for less then a dollar.

I was not sure that the base of this one was wide enough
to handle the project I had in mind, so I Gorilla glued
this piece of wood to it….

This was purchased at Hobby Lobby for ….well, you can read.

Then I pulled out another on hand wooden candle holder that

had a larger base and would work just fine.

All three pieces got a coat or two to the same black paint
I used earlier and with my justy Grollia glue and two vases
purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each, I turned out

Aren’t they pretty?

Also, tackled today was the sanding of a chair I had on hand.

I have been waiting for a nice, warm and pretty day to take
it out on the deck to sand, today was the day.
Not only did I get it sanded, I got a coat of primer on
it as well as a coat of black paint. I know what you are
thinking that I am hooked on this black paint but it just
happened to turn out that way since the chair is not
for me. Each year I do a fund raiser for a non profit
group called Kids on the Block. The fund raiser is centered
around chairs for Chairish the Kids. I have a fantastic idea
for this chair this year. So stop back by in a couple of months
to see what I turned out.

Thanks for stopping in. Please leave a comment so I will

know you were here.


2 Responses to “Day 281 – December 31, 2010 – Today’s Projects”

  1. I want one, i love the vase, actually love it all but the vase is awsome, guess i better get busy and try to make some and get busy on my chair. you are just too darn smart and i love ya

  2. The vases are awesome! And I'm glad you rescued the drawer pull, I like it. —

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