Day 276 – December 26, 2010 – Calendar

Tennessee ~ Hermitage, Mount Juliet and Lebanon
Town Planner Calendar ~

I turned in five shots to be judged for entry into the
2011 calendar for the first time. The theme this
year is Architecture in Middle Tennessee.

Two of my shots were picked by the judges….I
am Ms. May and Ms. November

This is May, James Geddes Building in downtown

And this is November, under the walking bridge in downtown Nashville.
Taken Thanksgiving 2009 when my nephew and I went to town that
night to take some pics….and it was so CoLd!


Working on the next year, 2012 which will feature State or
National Parks. I already have to entries to enter but I
have till April to turn them in.
Thanks for stopping in,

One Response to “Day 276 – December 26, 2010 – Calendar”

  1. Fan freakin tastic, Pam! How exciting! Congtatulations on this victory and for being recognized for your talent! I gotta get me some talent, too!

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