Project from Recent Finds

A few days ago I posted this project on my blog….
The globe was an awesome find at Goodwill for just $1.99 and the
candle holder came from Goodwill sometime ago. Not really sure
of the price since there were 3 of them in different sizes…and I have
had them for a while.

I liked the way it came out so well that I sat out to find
some more globes only to have no luck at Goodwill.
I took off to Habitat for Humanity Restore and found
a lot of globes.

Then I had to decide on just what I wanted……
I picked a couple of different ones but this is the
one that got used for this project.

Its a frosted cream color with speckles in it. Nice….

So just like the last project I added a touch of BLING!

I used one of the 3 candle holders I had on hand. Using
my gorilla glue (that stuff is awesome) I attached the
globe to the candle holder.

This would look really nice holding a favorite candle

Thinking I will add one more touch to this one with the silk ivy

around the base of the globe like before.

Thanks for stopping in to visit,


2 Responses to “Project from Recent Finds”

  1. Oooh.. those are gorgeous!! You are so clever… I would never think to put all of that together.

  2. super cute! Would never know those didn't come like that! Thanks for linking up.

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