Goodwill Finds and Projects

Picked up this glass globe at Goodwill the
other day for $1.99. The cut work on the sides made
it so pretty. then I had a brain storm….so I picked up some Gorilla Glue
that I have been reading about on other blogs.

and went home to pull out a metal candle holder that
I had picked up at Goodwill at some given time
(actually I have 3 in different sizes). I used the largest
one for this project.

love the curve work on this.

I proceeded to glue the globe to the candle holder.

But only after I had made some bead work to hang from
that nice curved area.

After all was done, I filled the globe with cinnamon nutmeg
potpurri and wrapped the bottom of the globe with silk ivy.

I think it turned out really nice, don’t you?

Thanks for stopping in to visit,


3 Responses to “Goodwill Finds and Projects”

  1. Beautiful – I love it. You are such a gifted lady Pam.

  2. LOL You are so creative! Did you see this somewhere previously or did it just come to you? Nice! Nancy M.; Ohio

  3. Hey Pam…that turned out great! You should link up your goodies to my parties..I'm sure others would love to see your beautiful projects too! Hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas my friend.Missy

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