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Day 280- December 30, 2010 – Shower Anyone?

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Day 279 – December 29, 2010 – Growing Bubbles

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My brother has recently moved into an older ranch style
type home that he and his son, Chase, gutted and redid.
And beautifully I must add.

I was going to be house/animal sitting for my brother
and sister in law but before heading out Lori (SIL)
went over some operational aspects of the home.
How the microwave worked, the stove, the
tv controls, the five sprayer shower….but when
she got to the tub, she laughed and basically told
me I was on my own.

Later that evening I decided that I wanted
to take my book, run some water in the tub, add
some bubbles and lay back in this to read…..

I planned to settled back to relax, which by the way, is not my style
to lay back in a tub to read and relax….but give it a try I would.

I ran my water…..

and added bubbles..

Laid back and picked up the controls. Yes, controls to the tub. Now
I know why Lori pretty much told me I was on my own.

Lights came on under the water……

and they changed colors.

So I decided to turn the water jet whirlpool thingys. There
were buttons with pictures next to them but no real directions
on what button did what…so I had to play with it. I got it
Then the bubbles started to grow so I thought I would try
and turn it down some……
and the bubbles grew…..
I finally got it set on a timer where it would go off and back on…
but I never got it to turn down….
and the bubbles grew, and grew, and grew….
and I laughed and laughed sitting there in that tub!

Finally after the bubbles were up and growing over the tub and

covering everything but my head, I got it turned off. I gave
up on my book and the relaxing part of the bubble bath only to
realize that I was so covered in BUBBLES…
off to the shower I went.

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Day 278- December 28, 2010 – House Sitting

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When my nephew use to race my brother and sister
in law would do a lot of traveling to attend these races.
They were in need of someone to house/animal sat while
they were away. I would be this person a lot of the times.

My nephew no longer races and the array of animals
have changed. Some are gone and new ones have
entered….and its been awhile since I have sat for them.

My sister in laws Mom and Dad were unable to make
it in for Christmas, so the family went for a visit after
Christmas. Three children out on break from college,
and one on break from high school took off with my
brother and sister in law to go visit. I packed up to
spend a few days house/dog/bird/horse sitting!

Two dogs, the labs, were taken along on the ride to
the mountains of North Carolina while two collie mix
dogs of my brothers stayed with me. Along with
those dogs I kept two of my nieces dogs, a
cocker spaniel and a mix breed, and my dog,
The KING, Dakota.

This is Moses. One of the collie mixes. He is a sweetie,
but I think he is becoming a little hard of hearing….that
or he was choosing to ignore me! lol

This is Buck. My nieces dog, Buck. So soft and sweet. Loves
to sit right up on you and curl up with you.

Meet RC. RC and I have done the dog sitting thing
together many times. RC is getting on in age and has
slowed down a bit but when he comes and looks at
you with that face you can’t do anything but rub his head….
all he ask for.

And this is Topper! Oh my gosh….so packed with personality.
This dog will talk to you and he is rather vocal. He has the
prettiest face. He would also crawl up in you lap when he wanted
attention with no care as to who he was flopping on top of…
etc, Buck, Dakota…

Also along for company and to help with the house/animal sitting
job was my dog, The KING, Dakota.
Keep in mind that Dakota goes to Granny’s Doggie Day
Care (my Mom’s) every day when I go to work and
he has been raised with her dogs. He knows them,
but Dakota has social issues, he don’t get along well
with others, dogs and folks alike. I have to admit he
did well with the other dogs but it took him several
days before he was let go and play with Topper.
He is also not very good at sharing….ME. He did
okay with Buck curling up next to me or Topper
crawling in my lap, but if looks could kill!

All in all, everything went well…….
then Dakota experienced new adventures…………….

Meet Ms. Lola. Sister in law, Lori’s bird.

And TJ, my brothers bird.

Ms. Lola loves to be taken out of the cage and held. But
I knew better then that with The King there.
And TJ is usually left out of the cage to come and go, usually
on Ray’s (brother) shoulder. But having all the dogs there, Ray
had put him in the cage and I left him there……not only
cause of the dogs but because TJ is a one person bird….and
I am not that person!
Dakota noticing the birds for the first time.

And he knows they don’t belong in the house! He chases them
outside and there has even been feathers found in the backyard.
Best to keep the birds up and out of the way.

Meet the other members of the family I sat for…

This is Jack.

And this is Misfire.

And this is Dakota checking it out! BUT only after being scared
out of his wits when he first saw them.

There are a lot of interesting storie to tell from my
3 day stay at Ray and Lori’s house….stories to come later!
But with all that said, this is The KING after a tiring 2 days
of adjusting, bird watching, horse feeding and dog playing….

Him and Topper finally became friends.
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Day 277 – December 27, 2010 – The DROPS

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Day 276 – December 26, 2010 – Calendar

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Tennessee ~ Hermitage, Mount Juliet and Lebanon
Town Planner Calendar ~

I turned in five shots to be judged for entry into the
2011 calendar for the first time. The theme this
year is Architecture in Middle Tennessee.

Two of my shots were picked by the judges….I
am Ms. May and Ms. November

This is May, James Geddes Building in downtown

And this is November, under the walking bridge in downtown Nashville.
Taken Thanksgiving 2009 when my nephew and I went to town that
night to take some pics….and it was so CoLd!


Working on the next year, 2012 which will feature State or
National Parks. I already have to entries to enter but I
have till April to turn them in.
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Day 275 – December 25, 2010 – White Christmas

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Nashville, Tennessee~ Christmas Eve~
Snow~ Makes for a White Christmas~~~

Oops, I think Santa dropped something in the yard
in his haste to stay ahead of the snow.
Christmas Day ~ Snow covered and spitting snow all day.
First white Christmas in 17 years for the Nashville and
surrounding areas. Beautiful.

Love the way the snow settles on the branches and leaves…..

and between the bars of the fence.

Even the birds were out and about enjoying the day.

Christmas, pine cones and snow….makes for a pretty picture.

Report for Christmas night, the roads are freezing up…be careful
when you are out.
Cedartown Ga. and surrounding areas of Atlanta, first white
Christmas in 100 years.
The news just reported that some parts of Alabama have snow
to day…….for the first time ever.
Hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day.
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Day 274-December 24, 2010 – Merry Christmas

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