Latest Painting and More

I have actually painted more this year (and
its just March) then I did last year. Its been
a wet, yucky and snowy winter so I guess that
is what is keeping me in to pick up a brush and

This is my latest painting. It is a commission
piece requested by a friend of mine.
Thanks Nancy for the order.

Nancy also ordered another painting that I hope
to start on this weekend so that I can get them
to her.

The next section of paintings are the other
ones I have done this year so far. I posted
the woman in the hat, the shoes, and the
red dress a couple of weeks ago but I
wanted to do it again together with the
purse since its titled The Woman’s Series
(for lack of a better title, I suck when it
comes to naming my work).

My after thought for this one was that I should have
given her a red hat!

Now the next batch of paintings are some that I have
done in the past. I started painting at the ripe old
age of 40….and for those of you counting that
would be 10 years ago.
This is my grandson, Caleb. I was so surprised
at how well he turned out. I am not good with
faces and hands but this one I feel was
meant to be perfect.
I took a photo of Caleb sitting at my craft
table with a pencil and paper in front of
him where he was drawing. He was about
2. I slipped into the room and as I was
about to click the camera, he turned like
this…I painted from that pic.

This one I painted several years ago in class. Titled
Far Away. Recently sold this one a couple of weeks
ago. Thanks Penney.

My brother called me a few years back and wanted to know
could I paint on that thing that covers those things!! Okay,
I am good, but I had NO CLUE what he was talking about…
This is what he was referring to.

Yes, that is a fuse box cover. He wanted something

on it but had no clue what he wanted. I came up
with this….and this hangs in his washroom. They
actually picked a peachy color from the flowers
and painted the washroom that color. Goes great.
This one I painted about 8 years ago for my
sister in law for her birthday. I liked it so
well that I almost did not give it to her.

That’s all for now….although I have lots more to show.
I will post some here and there just for the mere
fact that I love to show off my work.
Thanks for stopping in,


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