Thank You Very Much Thursday-50th

It is Thank You Very Much Thursday
but today I am going to handle it a
bit different then the usual way I
THURSDAY….I actually want to
tell you about my week and THANK
everyone that had a part!
But to view the real thing….
jump on over to
It began a week ago when I came in
to find my two hole punch missing
and a LOST pic in its place. I was sent
pics of my hole punch as it made its
rounds through the Bureau. THEY
really thought they were messing with
me but little did they know, NOT.

Little did I know they were really
going to be playing me!

my hole punch

The messing started when Friday my
clown doll got gone and in its place
was another LOST pic. Then I started
to receive pics of my clown in different
areas. I acted outraged and lead them
to believe that this was indeed messing
with me. I even went as far as to post
comments about my clown of facebook
(where several people I work with are
my friends)! In return, they posted pics
of my clown on facebook. On Monday
I am greeted with a copy of my clown
and on the feet are the 5 and the 0 from
my keyboard.
You can read all about this in my
True Story Tuesday post.

My birthday was actually on that Sunday,
the 14th. The fun started on the 12th
and continued till today….oh wait, it
is still continuing since I have not
received my clown as of yet!

Yesterday morning when I entered

my unit I was met with this.

the Yellow Brick Road

Yes, this is the Yellow Brick Road. I
love the Wizard of Oz so the theme
for my birthday was to be centered
around that. My friends and co workers
really have out done themselves for my 50th.

As I followed the Yellow Brick Road

around the corner to my office I saw
this covering the entrance of my door.

My Green face

There was a make shift door up with
the witch pic on top and as I opened
it I realized that my office floor, desk
and all was covered with over a 100
black balloons. Flying monkeys flying
around on strings over my head and
taped everywhere in the office, Toto
in a basket and a BIG 50 hat with
candles on top to wear through the
day….which by the way, I DID. I have
to say, this has to have been the best
birthday I think I have ever had. It
was awesome.

this monkey must be really confused

Toto in his basket

sea of black

yes folks, this is me

Not to mention the lunches I was taken

to over the last week and the awesome
gifts from my two best co-workers,
Deborah and Cindy.

this is a game where you find all the wizard

of oz items among all the beads. List to go
by is on top. Hours of fun!

to cute

love the book…the brick was actually
already in the office.

And due to lack of getting my crap together I failed to
post a pic of the beautiful necklace and earrings from
Deborah and Cindy…its okay, I will be wearing it
The fun did not end there, later in the
day I was treated with a birthday cake.
The bakery went all out and did a great
job. The witch’s legs are sticking out
from under the house and the tornado
is carrying a ruby slipper and some arms!
Love it. As you can see my keys to my
keyboard were also returned at the
time we had cake……still no hole
punch or clown.

Notice my keyboard keys out front!!

This morning an email from the
officer downstairs is sent out all
over the building. This email
reads, “1-Black double hole punch
with attached note. Found in elevator.
Item can be picked up in reception”. I
waited about 30 minutes and then I
walked downstairs to the officer to
retrieve my hole punch. Yes folks, it
has been returned….Happy 50th Birthday
Pam note still attached

As for my clown….it has still not been

returned but this morning I did receive
another email with a pic of my clown.
Check this one out, it also has a office
joke/meaning to go along with it. See
Cindy, I got that one too!!!
So the story of my missing clown for my
birthday joke continues! We will see
where she turns up next and how long it
takes me to get her back!

Before I end this post I want to thank

everyone for the great gifts, the lunches
(Ramona and Norman and Mom) and
the dinners (Mom, Theresa, and Debbie)
for my b-day, the cards, the post on facebook
and the calls. What could have been a
depressing b-day (50th) was one of the best.

Thank you Mom for everything ~ the gifts,

the meals and the love

Thank you Mark for my gas card ~ need to

stop on the way home and fill up! This card
will go a long way!

Thank you Debbie for this~ lined so you

can carry food or knitting…whichever.

Thank you Nancy for this ~ This was from

Sharis Berries. 12 chocolate covered
strawberries, each different. Covered
with chocolate chips, pecans, cocnut and
other sinful delights. Presented in a long
red box like roses. So good.

Thank you Barb and Phil for this ~and the

black balloon attached that my dog just
loved. He played with it, hit it with his
nose to knock in the air and then would
grab the string. I got a lot of laughs from
that until the air went out.

Thank you Holly for the Donny Osmond CD ~

my young niece knows how to make
aunt Pam smile

Thanks Sharon for the Bath and Body works
hand soap! Smells great.
Thanks to everyone for all the trouble you guys
went to. Thanks Spitfire (Angel), Ramona, Cindy
and Deborah for your part in pulling it all together!
You all rock
and I love you all!

Thanks for stopping in,


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