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Horse Show

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My niece, Paige is almost 23 years old and has been
showing horses since she was around 14 or so.

Most of the shows that she has performed in have
been in Arizona and Canda. Until she started college
in Kentucky she was not doing any shows in Tennessee.
This is a college event that I attended today.

This is my nephew, Paige’s brother and his wife Susan.
If you ever saw me you would more then likely see me
with a camera in my hands. Looking at this pic of Chase you
will see that it runs in the family. My brother Ray is
a good with his camera also.

This is Sally, Paige’s dog, she is waiting for Paige to come
back while she watches the horse in the rink.

And this is Paige, she is showing a school horse.

Paige has won the reining championship several times
and just recently recieved an award for Horse Woman
of the Year in Az.

I was listening to her coach talking with my brother
today and it is so nice to hear the praise that he
was giving out about Paige.

Look how nice she looks in her performing


I love to watch her perform, her and her horse
become one with each other.
Paige did not place in the events I saw today but
I enjoyed watching her just the same. She did
have enough points to go on to tomorrows events
and I am wishing her the best of luck.
Love you Paige.
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The Good Witch of the South

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In the words of Deborah at work~~

You saw the feet of the Wicked Witch of
the East as her stripe stocking feet
curled up under the house and disappeared.

You saw the Wicked Witch of the West
with her emerald green face and her
wicked laugh as she said “I’ll get you
my pretty and your dog too”.

You saw the Good Witch of the North as she
helped Dorothy from Munchkin land and
into Oz, helping Dorothy to find her way
home as she clicked her heels………

But alas, where was the Good Witch
of the South?

Picture this, a beautiful woman with
her makeup just so, high hair, and a
beautiful simple dress of ruffles and
lace, carrying her parasol with one
hand (like Scarlet O’Hara)

as the other hand is placed on her hip
and with a thick southern draw she says
(kind of like Paula Dean), “Hey ya’ll”!

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The Birthday Joke that Will Not End

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It continues!

If you read my True Story Tuesday –

50th then it will be easy for you to follow

this post. If you have not read it as of yet,

jump on over and do that now.

The clown remained missing UNTIL

February 19, at which point I entered a co-

workers office to find it still wrapped

around this cat, hanging on the file cabinet.

I then proceeded to retrieve my clown

with instructions to the co-workers that

Cindy was not to know that I had the

clown. I was turning the tables on her.

A few days later I laid a copy of a Search

Warrant that had been filled out and

signed by Judge Funny Face for me to

be allowed to search Cindy’s office.

Being really busy that day the search

was not conducted.

The next day I was served with papers

“Motion of Nonparties to Quash Search

and Seizure”. Apparently since I did not

hand the Search Warrant to Cindy directly,

it became voided. Stated in the motion is

was stated that Cindy is creeped out by

little clowns and has nightmares when

she sees them plus she is allergic to clown makeup!

Still to busy to deal with it I let it drop.

Only to check the hiding place where I had

hide the clown after I retrieved it from

Angel’s office and find it yet again missing.

Thanks Angel, I was told that you would

fold like a cheap tent and apparently

you did!

So the question now is where is my missing

clown? Who has her this time? When will

she be returned to me? And what steps

will I take next to find my clown????

Story to continue (I am sure) so come

back in a few days to see where we are

and to see if I have found my missing


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Thank You Very Much Thursday

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It’s therapy time!!

Thank You Very Much Thursday, where
we link up with Kmama at The Daily Dribbles
to express our heart felt, warmest THANK
YOU’s for the crap we took the past week.

So here I go~~

Thank you very much for the COLD weather
that reappeared after Mother Nature
gave us two pretty days on Saturday and
Sunday with temps almost into the 70’s.

Thank you very much MOTHER
NATURE for spitting that white stuff
down on us again today. (Seriously,
thanks for making it just flurries)

Thank you very much for High Cholesterol
that is requiring me to take meds for it and
thank you very much to my insurance
company that will not cover the one the
dr. wanted to put me on!

Sorry, not paying $75.00 a month that
will add up to hundreds and hundreds
really fast.

Thank you very much for the memory

lapse that I had the other day on how
to connect up the phone and tv to the
modem and computer!

! Thank goodness, it hit me what I
was doing wrong. I would call that a
senior moment but since I have sleep
apnea I like to refer to those times as
“lack of oxygen to the brain moments”!

Thank you very much for the sleepless

nights I have had all week and it has NOT
a thing to do with my apnea. Just when
you think you have your life worked out
you have to worry about others.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Caleb at the play ground Sunday.

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

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I have officially been a member of the blogging world
for 1 year now (2-6-09). In that year I have read
and learned so much about so many different things
from taking something that someone else would
deem and trash and making it a treasure.

I have been a recycler for years when it came
to tin, plastic, paper…etc…but I learned
so much more about recycling since I have
been blogging.

I found a end table on the side of the road
free a couple of years ago and for some reason
I was lead to pick it up and take it home. It
has resided in my shed since. I actually thought
that I could clean it up and my daughter might
be in need of it. But that never developed.

But just last week I realized I was in need
of some kind of stool in my living room so
I tracked out to the shed and brought
that once pretty end table to the craftroom!

The beginning….
the side was broken

So, after cleaning, restaining the sides and the legs. Removing the second
shelf, I cut some 3 inch foam and glued them in place.

I tightened up the legs and then cut some material to cover
the top of the table with.

the corner

and the finished product.

New life to old end table.

Total cost~~~
Table~ free
Stain ~ had on hand
Material ~ Free, Mom had it put away
Foam ~ $12.00 for two pieces of 3 inch foam…..
Not bad cost wise.
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Sweetest Words

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My grandson, Caleb has a way with words!

Watch out girls, he is growing up and headed
your way!

Several years ago he called me to tell me that he
loved me “infinity and beyond”.

Then a few months ago he told me that I was exquisite.

For my birthday he told his mother that I was
OLD but not to old for me to love!..

He is only 9 yrs. old and I still think
of him as a babe…..but he is growing so
fast and he surprises me the things he
comes out with.

Nana’s sweetie.

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