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Thank You Very Much Thursday

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Today is Thank You Very Much Thursday
hosted by Kmama at The Daily Dribbles!
So when you finish here jump on over
there and check it out.
To the sinus pressure I have had to
deal with all week long….thank you
very much.
To Walmart that I am b0ycotting
because they never have what I go in
for anymore…thank you very much.
To the mess I have left in my process
of cleaning up the craftroom…where
did all that stuff come from….thank
you very much.
And the to ice and snow that is due
to hit here after I get to work tomorrow…
let me THANK YOU VERY MUCH ahead
of time (can’t you do it before I come to
work so maybe I don’t have to go and not
have to worry about getting home)?
And on that note I think it deserves another
Now that I have vented that, jump on over
and check out some more Thank You Very
Much Thursday!
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Wordless Wednesday

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My dog Dakota peeking out from behind the curtain.

I Heart Faces – Texture

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This weeks challenge on I heart faces is

to display a photo with texture.

Jump on over to that blog and check all

the pics out. Enjoy.


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True Story Tuesday – The Bike Wreck

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Week after week when I think I have ran out
of funny or interesting things to write about for
True Story Tuesday but then out of the blue
something else hits me. This story today takes
place a long time ago, I was 17 years old at the time.

My brother was into BMX racing. He loved to ride
and had been jumping ramps and popping wheelies
forever it seemed, but then he got into racing.
First it was just around where we lived but as
he grew so did that interest.

We traveled to places like Orlando Fla., Evansville Ind.,
and even St. Louis for races. I met a lot of intesting
people at these races. Some of these guys really
had muscles from riding these bikes. I have to
admit I loved the attention I got from them.

There were several times when some of these racers

would come to our house to stay while touring BMX races
around the Nashville area. Two of the first two to come
were Greg Esser and his brother Brian from Fla. Greg and I
were closer to the same age and Brian and Mark (my
brother) were closer. So Greg and I spent time

Greg and I -taken in St. Louis

I loved to ride a lot back in those days also. Course
I did not race. But I had my own ten speed and when I
needed to think, get away or whatever, I rode. This was
my ten speed. I was surprised that I was able to come up
with a pic of it in my albums. This was an Evil Knievel
special. Keep that name of the bike in the back of your mind….

One evening Greg and I decided that we wanted to go for a
ride. Back then the neighbor did not have street lights
and there were no lights on my ten speed or his BMX bike.
It was after dark, we were riding along, talking and
laughing when all of a sudden a kid came out of his drive
on his bike. He did not see me, I did not see him.
It was to late, I hit him. No, he was not hurt but I did suffer
from embarrassment at that moment and bruises and
was really sore the next day. You see, I did not just
hit this kid on a small bike (he was about 10), I
slamed into him and flipped over my handle bars
on to the ground. Could not even do that one with
Greg made sure I was okay but then I am afraid
that we both laughed our butts off over all the way
home since we had to push my bike. I bent the front
wheel frame up pretty good. Can you say Evil Knievel??

not my bike, but this is how it looked.

Good thing it was dark cause I know I must have been
so red faced after that.
That has been over 30 years ago, the embarrassment is
gone but it still makes for a good laugh. The last time
I saw Greg was probably about 15 years ago. My brother
had given up BMX and was racing cars at our local speedway.
Greg was in town and him and I went to the races together.
Next True Story Tuesday will be another adventure
from my brothers BMX racing days and the guys I
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Foodie Friday – Pork Chop/Stuffing and Apples

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Morning all,

This is my first post to Foodie Friday.
Keep in mind that I am not a big cooker.
I look for easy, simple and good meals
to fix….remember EASY, I all about that!

When you finish reading and you wipe
the your watering mouth, stop by
and link up your own Foodie Friday meal!

My children are 29 and 22 but when
they were young I cooked a hot
breakfast every morning before they
set out to school, except maybe one
day a week. Then for dinner since I
was a single Mom there were not any
eating out so it was another hot meal
prepared. I think I have earned my right
to cook or not to cook…..

But thanks to my friend Nancy I have
directions to a really easy and good
tasting meal. You will need~~~

3 to 4 large boneless pork chops
1 21 oz can of apple pie filling
1 box of stuffing

Prepare the stuffing according to
the box.
In a 13×9 casserole dish sprayed
with cooking spray spread
the pie filling in the bottom.
On top of that spread your
already made stuffing and
top with your pork chops.

Bake at 375 for 30 min. covered
Bake uncovered for 10 more min. or
until chops are done.

So yummy… have your bread,
meat and a dessert all in one.
You might want to try this…I added
finely chopped pecans to my stuffing!!

Sorry no pics to post because once
it was made I grabbed my fork
and starting eating.

Thanks for stopping in.

Thank You Very Much Thursday

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This is my first time to play along
with Thank You Very Much
Thursday at

Check out my thank you’s for the
week on things that frustrated me,
pissed me off or just did not sat well
with me. When finished reading this
hop on over to Daily Dribbles blog
with the link above and have more

Thank you very much for :

The washer that decided to leak
all over the hall floor

The girl at Taco Bell that was
not friendly, had poor customer
service and informed me that
she did not know where the hot
sauce was

the fact that I had sound on my
tv but not a picture…that would
be a thanks to Dish!

to the fact that twice this week
my Mom has not phone service…
thanks again AT&T…( I have issues
with this company)

for the dull freak’n headache I have
had for a week

for the nut that pulled out in front
of me and slowed down (does he
not know how dangerous that can
be with me behind the wheel?)

Okay folks, that is about all I can
come up with right now…I slept
since somethings happened!

Have a great Thursday and
thanks for stopping in.


True Story Tuesday – The Damage

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Good morning.

Just when I think I have ran out of true
stories to tell that would bring on laughter,
I think of another one!

Once upon a time I was younger and in a
lot better shape then I am in now!!! LOL…

With that said, I don’t guess I really took
the best of care of myself with some of
the things that I would do. For one, I
have had a bad back since I was in high
school but at in my early 20’s I was not
having issues as much with it so I thought
I could do anything. One of my biggest
and worse traits at that time was that I
could not stand to leave my furniture the
same way for longer then a couple of
months. I was always rearranging things.

That night I laid a sleeping baby in her

crib for the night only to notice that I

had placed it under the air vent. I pulled

the stool (like a piano stool) over to the

side of the crib. I hopped up there and

was adjusting the vent follow, when all

of a sudden the stool flipped out from

under me (that happens when you stand

on the edge). I flew back off the stool,

ripped a shelf (put up with anchor hooking

bolts) off the wall, making a dent in the

wall where my head hit (no comments

needed about my hard head) and in the

process I kicked the under side of the

mattress and springs causing one end

to jump off the hook that held it to the

frame…this in turn causing my child

to slide to the end without waking her.

As I got up and looked around at the

damage in runs my ex (husband at the

time)…..nude! He had been in the tub when

I took my fall. He asked was I okay and in

my reply I said, “look at the mess I made”!

He laughed and said that was nothing

compared to what he had done then

walked out of the room.

I recovered enough to wonder about that

statement but in a split second he returned.

He was carrying the soap dish, you know

the one I mean, the ceramic ones that

are bonded to your tile wall! Yes, that

one. When he heard the noise of my

fall he grabbed the soap dish pulling

himself up and out of the tub to see

what happened….pulling it off the wall.

That brought a laugh to me even though

I was already getting really sore. Then we

sat out to repair what damage we could

correct at that point. My daughter slept

through it all.

One last thought to leave you with….

a man I worked with once told me that

people would not know the silly things

I did if I did not come into work telling them…

my reply was that they are funny and I love

to share the laughter!

Thanks for stopping in,

The hook for the crib!