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Staying Busy on Vacation

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I am on vacation! It started at 2 pm on the 18th of this
month and I will not be returning to work until Jan. 4th…

Now, what to do with my time????
Get somethings in order and organized.
Thinking that I just have to much stuff and
it is all closing in on me so I decided that it
was time to clean out cabinets, closets,
drawers and whatever else I can find to
mess with.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to make a
coat rack for my hall. I got the idea from my
cousin, Kathy. So here are my versions of
what she had made.

The top one is for the coats and the second one is
to hang behind the door in the bathroom to hold my
belts and scarfs.

I got a baseboard from Home Depot, that had
the curved edge over the top. The board cost
me $8.00 but I have been able to get to racks
measuring 24 inches each and one measuring
15 inches ( for towels in the bathroom, yet to be

The hooks on the top one were $3.98 each for a
total of $11.94. With the board cost cut in 3’s and
the cost of the hooks, primer and white paint I
had on hand, this rack cost me about $15.00.

The bottom one was less since the hooks were only
$2.98 each. Costing a total of about $12.00. I love the
way they turned out.

In between cleaning out things and working around
the house I knit. I will stop and take a break here
and there (back issues still) and while I break…I knit.
Making scarfs.

I worked off and on, here and there on this first
one for about 2.5 days. Love the colors in this
one. Cost…..????, the yarn was gotten at
some time or another at a yard sale that
my Mom has picked up.

This one I started yesterday morning.
My mom said she wanted
a black one so I started on this one for
her. I am a bit over half done with it.

I have several that I have made for
myself here and there. It is nice
to have different colors to change
up and have something
different to wear on a given day.
Kitchen cabinets and drawers cleaned.
Secertary drawers and cabinets in the
living room has been cleaned. A BIG
pot of chili made. Next will be the linen
closet and the pantry. Then I move it
upstairs to my room……oh my gosh will
I have enough days to get all this done??
Tomorrow will be a no cleaning day..
I have a wedding to photograph. Then
Christmas eve and day will take up
sometime and there will be no cleaning
Wish me luck….
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Wordless Wednesday

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Beautiful under the Christmas tree.

True Story Tuesday – Kenny Rogers

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Several, several years ago I went to
a Kenny Rogers concert with two
friends. I have always liked ole Kenny
so I was looking forward to it.

The concert was held at the Grand
Ole Opry here in Nashville and we
had really good seats, 4th row back
to the left of the stage. Not bad
seating at all.

Well, my friends decided that for some
reason they were bringing a pair
binoculars to the concert. Between
the three of us we past the binoculars
back and forth to take a good look at
Kenny. From where we were sitting
and with the aid of those strong
looking glasses, we had a great view.

After several passes of the binoculars
it was my turn again. At this point
Kenny decided to stop singing and look
my way and ask me what I expected
to see sitting that close to the stage
looking through the binoculars! Okay,
I was so red and I could have very easily
crawled under the seats in front of me.
Yes, I could see the sweat on his
forehead and the whiskers on his
chin really well…..but did he have
to announce it to the whole place?

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I Heart Faces – Pets

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This weeks post at I Heart Faces is about Pets. This is my dog Dakota,

he was happier posing for this shot then he was when I tried to wrap

him up in lights and put a bow on his head!

Run on over to I Heart Faces and check more pets out.



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For those of you who know me know that
I am not much of a cooker. I actually
have done more since September then
I probably have in several years. It is
just really hard to cook for one person
so it has been easier to grab something
here or there and make the most of it.

When I married at 20 I was not much of
a cook then either. The reason then was
a bit different, I did not know how to
cook. See my Mom was a stay at home
Mom until I was in the 11th grade. But
even then she was still home to cook
our breakfast before heading to school
and there to cook dinner. Plus, she
would rather not have anyone in her
kitchen misplacing things or making
a mess. With those reasons, I never

After marrying, I learned and became
fairly good at it. I cooked my children’s
breakfast before they headed to school
and I headed to work. And after work I
cooked a nice dinner, helped with
homework, started laundry and picked
up things all before going to bed.

Years after my divorce my son moved in
with his Dad, he was 12, wanted that Dad,
male bonding thing. At the same time
my daughter moved out on her own
(only to come back several times),
she was 18. I enjoyed it in some ways
and missed it in others. But one way
that I enjoyed the kids having moved
out was that I did not have to get up
and cook breakfast, I did not have to
cook dinner if I did not want to. Learning
to cook dinner for one was an adjustment
and just became easier not to worry with it.

When my grandson was 1 year old, my
daughter and Caleb moved in with me.
I told Amber that I did not cook much
anymore. After a week of living with me
she came to me and said “ Mom, you said
you did not cook much anymore, you did
not say that you did not cook at all anymore”!

Recently I have changed a lot of ways that
I eat. I started on fruits, veggies and
chicken. I have pretty much cut beef out
of my diet due to stomach issues and a
lot of what I eat is organic. So…that
required me cooking again! I cut starches
and sugar out of my diet also. This was
going really well until my surgery on my
hands a month ago and I could not cook
with stitches and bandages on both hands.
So I have to say that I have fell off that
wagon for the past month. I am working
on getting back on it but the Holidays
make that harder.

I tell you all this to make a point….I have
been cooking more for several months,
lots more. I have also tried a few different
things in my cooking adventures that I
wanted to share with you.

Roasted asparagus – not something that
I have ever made a habit to eat. But the
other night I cooked some fresh asparagus
and it was really good. I used a recipe from
Emeril Lagasse.

2 pounds asparagus, tough ends
trimmed, rinsed and patted dry
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 1/2 tablespoons minced garlic
Freshly ground black pepper
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
In a large glass baking dish, toss the asparagus with the olive oil and garlic. Season lightly with salt and pepper, and toss. Bake until the asparagus are tender and lightly browned, 15 to 20 minutes, depending upon the thickness of the stalks, stirring twice. Remove from the oven and toss with the lemon juice. Adjust the seasoning, to taste. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Monkey Bread – I cheated on this
one and made it really easy.
A small batch (in a small bunt cake pan)
2 cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls –
cut each roll in fours
Layer the pieces in the pan and then
I poured a bit of melted butter over
that, adding more cinnamon. (yummy).
Continue this until all pieces are used
from both cans. Bake according to the
directions on the cans. Be sure and not
over cook. Remove from pan and pour
the icing over the top of the bread.
This was a hit at work!

Pecan Crusted Tilapia –
Tilapia filets with one side coated with
honey mustard. Press that side into a cup
of finely chopped pecans. Bake at 400 for
about 15 mins.
Fast, simple and so easy. If I have to
cook I am all about easy and fast!

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Trip into the Past – Bethlehem

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Last Friday evening my grandson,
Caleb and I went back in time to
Bethlehem.We walked down
the streets of Bethlehem during
the time when everyone
was called together to be counted

for the census. We watched as vendors
try to sell us their wares, as kids

played in the streets and as people
danced and sang.

Dancing and singing

As we entered the city of Bethlehem
we had to sign our names in so
that we could be counted on the
census. And as we walked the streets
we viewed and passed Roman soldiers
with their sheilds and swords.

There were vendors making baskets,
selling fine linen, selling
herbs, selling bread and one
vendor’s child was even stomping
grapes to sell wine. There were vendors
that looked richer then some and
poor children that played in the
streets. We viewed shephards
tending their animals. It was a
site to view.
basket weaver

Caleb and the linen lady


After our journey through the streets
we entered the Bethlehem
Inn. We were greeted and taken
to our seats by servants. As
we settled in, we were served
our meal, men of course were
served first.

The room was lite only by the aid

of candles and we enjoyed
talking with our neighbors as
we ate our chicken, carrots,
datas, olives and grapes. We
were also able to sample the wine
that the vendor in the streets
had made. Our servant was
named Hannah.

Then our host and his family

entered the room. This would be
Eli, his wife and children. He
welcomed us to his inn and talked about
the long journey that most
of us had to take. He talked
about the census, Ceasar and
the Roman soldiers.

Then there was a knock upon

his door. He sent some of his
loyal servants to see what was
going on. When they returned
they told Eli about a man and a
woman that was looking
for a place to stay, they had
come for the census. They
were late arrivers due to the
fact that the woman was with

Eli had no more room in the

Inn so he allowed them
to bunk in the stables (yes,
I know you know the story)!

Later on during our meal the

same loyal servants came
crashing into the room, yelling
that it was hugh, firey
and it had a tail. After calming
them down, Eli finally
got out of them that it was a
star, right above the
stables. It was hugh, firey
and it had a tail!
Eli mentioned that the tail
must be the finger of
God pointing down upon them.

Things seemed to settle down

once again when
there was another issue,
there were theives
around the stable. Eli
sent his people back out
to find out what was going on.

The servants arrived back

with two theives
with their hands tied
behind their backs.
Only upon questioning
these mean did Eli
learn about the shephards
(theives) and
how they came upon his
stable. How the angels
sang to them and how they
followed the star to
the stable to glaze upon the
baby that was born
in a manger, Baby Jesus.

After having all this explained

everyone in the
Inn got up and went
out to the stables so that
we too could look upon
Baby Jesus. What an awesome
site to behold.

I have taken this trip into
the past several times in
the last few years. The
birth of Jesus takes
place at Silver Springs
Baptist church in
Mt. Juliet, TN. You can
travel back within
the church to Bethlehem
5 times with a
given week. There is no
fee for this transport
it is given to anyone who
wishes to view it
by the church members
of church. This was
the first time for me to take
Caleb and I am
so glad I did, he so enjoyed it.

Thank you for stopping

in and remember
that Jesus is the reason
for the season.


Wordless Wednesday

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Pic of niece when I gave her the birthday gift from me.