True Story Tuesday -Hand Surgery

I found myself at a loss for True Story Tuesday
this week and somewhat limited on being able
to type something up….so I decided to make that
my True Story Tuesday.

See last Friday I had hand surgery. Now leave it to
me to not be able to leave it at one hand but I had
to do both! Yep….I did.

On my left hand ring finger I had a small cyst up
from the joint. This had been here for years and
only became an issue when I hit it on something.

Now I can take pain very well but when I hit this
small thing on my finger, I actually would get sick
at my stomach. See picture below, not very big.

Like I said, it had been there for years and I would not
have done anything with it…..UNTIL…….

this thing popped up on my right thumb. It was a bit more
of an issue for one, it looked bad. For another it was starting
to bother me so I went to the doctor to see about them. Dummy
me thinking this was an office fix! NOT. It was going to require
surgery, out patient to remove these. Well, I figured I only wanted
to go in once so get them both at the same time. That seems
to be a pattern I follow (in 1998 I had a heel spur… on
each foot, had both removed at once)…..yep, I only want to
go into surgery once!

This the thumb bandaged up after surgery. It turned out
to not be a cyst after all. It was a spur which required
some shaving and scraping to take care of it.

Sorry, pic is a bit dark. Can’t have a woman on pain
meds operating a camera! This would be the finger.
I was wrapped up like a mummy and I had to wear
these until Monday afternoon, at which time I could
remove them…..and believe you me, I was ready for
them to come off! They stopped me from bumping them
on everything but I was so limited on what I could do.

The bandage was removed from the thumb….looks yucky huh?
Don’t know if you can tell but it is pretty swollen here.

and the finger….this one seems to be the one bothering
me the most and I figured the thumb would be……
goes to show, you never know.
Okay, I have hunted and pecked to do this blog today and
I am calling it quits!


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