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Wordless Wednesday – Big Brothers Birthday Cake

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No words can say just how good this was to him!


Squeaky Shoes – The Fix

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Okay, it drives me up the wall to walk down the
hall and my shoes squeak!

I put on my black ones
the other day and noticed this sound and again
yesterday I wore them. That was getting on
my last nerve.

I figured I could not be the only person
to deal with this so I turned to my friend…
the internet! I keyed in ” how to stop squeaky
shoes”……there was my answer.

It is usually where the material they are made
of is rubbing together that makes that sound.
The fix is to pull up the in sole of the shoe and
sprinkly baby powder in that shoe. Replacing the
in sole.

I have them on today and it works like a charm!
Now everyone can not hear me coming as I
walk down the hall at work!


True Story Tuesday – Hair and Dye

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I had forgotten all about this until
yesterday when Deborah and I were
talking about dying hair and it all
came back to me.

Years and years ago when my children
were young we had a season pass to
Opryland Theme Park in Nashville
Tn. It was nice to have cause on
Sunday afternoons after dinner we
could go out to the park, ride some
rides, have some fun and enjoy for
about four hours and then head for
the house. That way, neither the kids
or I got worn out and it was not like
we could not come back the next
Sunday if we wanted.

Now I know you are wondering why
I mentioned hair dye then Opryland
in the same story…….

I have dyed my hair since my mid twenty’s
since I started to get just a few gray hairs.
I was so vain and thinking I was just WAY
to young to have even one gray hair. So
I started covering it up (later in life this
became known as hitting the bottle).
I did not actually cover my hair with
dye when I first started because I only
had a few at the time. Actually before
I started dying them, I would just cut
them out! Yes…I did. But when I did
start to hit the bottle I would pour the
dye into a bowl and put my brush down
in that and run that through my hair.
So this worked for a few years then I
realized that the gray was coming in
more and more, and fast! At that point
in my life I started pouring the dye on
the head instead of the bowl.

I worried about the chemicals and
applying all that stuff to my hair so
I would do the permanent dye then
when the gray started to show at the
temples but not down on the ends of
my hair I would use a rinse to cover it
up. I just did not want to be dying my
hair every month with the really strong s

Now, back to Opryland, one day a couple
of my friends and I were heading out
there, and taking the kids. Keep in mind,
I was one the in between permanent
dying stage and using a rinse! Are you
getting the picture now? On this day
I remember that I had on a white shirt
with blue thin stripes. Shortly after a
rriving the kids wanted to ride
the Flume Zoom.
For those of you who do not know
what this is, it was the log ride….
water, logs, splash!
I was in the back of the log, the area
that seems to get the most water!

We parted the ride when my friend
looked at me and said “Pam, what is
that one your shirt?” I had no clue s
o I sort of pulled the shoulder area
around so I could look at it.
It was my colored rinse!

Well, it was proven that day that
rinse is not permanent and it will
run when wet. All over the back
of my shirt and of course, I had to
wear this for several hours. After a
good laugh I just went on about my
business and TRIED to not it worry me.

After that, I stopped with the rinse
and decided to use the 6-12 wash
stuff between the permanent job.
That holds better and will not bleed
or run when wet.

A year and half ago I stopped hitting
the bottle and to my amazement I
realized that I had a major head
of silver hair. What was even funnier
was that you could see streaks of my
natural color woven in between the
silver. That is one thing that really
amazed me also….I had been coloring
to cover all that and somewhere
along the line I lost sight of my
natural color. I had been covering
with a light brown, sometimes auburn,
sometimes an ash brown, I even went
blonde twice (the color changed with
each coating)! But the natural color
was a dark, almost black brown and
over the years I forgot that.

Attached is a pic of me that was recently
taken so that you can see the silver. The
color that still makes me cringe when
I look in the mirror but everyone
assures me that it is beautiful.

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Caleb’s Cake- He Turned Nine Years Old

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Caleb turned nine years old this past Friday.
He is what he considers a big boy now!

Every year for his birthday except for one
(his 6th) I have made his cake and
decorated it for him. One year it was a
Sponge Bob cake, a helicopter cake with
toy helicopters on it and a landing pad,
the year before last he wanted a football
cake and then last year I made him a
Spiderman cake.

This year for some reason he wanted a
Camo Cake with Army men on it. Nana
(me) went a bit further on that one and
put a tank and a jeep on it also.

He was very excited over the cake I

was able to produce for him but as
the years go by and he gets older, the
request get a bit more complicated to
produce. I don’t do this for a living and
as a matter of fact I don’t really like
doing it. I just do it for him.

You see I am an artist. I paint with oils,
I do crafts and I do photography so a
couple of years ago I thought I could
do cakes. I had played around with it
for several years here and there so I
took a class. I pretty much realized
that cake decorating was not for me…
really fast!

When it comes to mixing the colors I

have no clue. Now that is funny coming
from me cause I can look at something
and tell you what color oil paints to
combine to get that color….but doing
it with the gels you use to color icing is
not the same. I just can’t get it going
correctly and it’s a lot of trial and error.

Not mentioning the making on the icing!

There’s the mixing and getting it the right
texture for what ever you are doing. One
texture for icing the cake, another for
decorating and another for writing.
When I finish a project like this one I have
usually mess up every large bowl I have,
icing is on the walls and cabinets.
Decorating cakes is just not my thing.

I say that but when I look at the finished

project, I am usually pleased. I do okay
once I get over the making of the
icing and the mixing of colors.

Caleb had a party with family and friends

this past Saturday (his birthday was
Friday) and it makes Nana proud
when he thanks me for his cake and
tells me it is awesome.

My sweet grandson came into this

world with Nana right there watching
him enter and having tears in my eyes.
Being there was special for me and
helped to make the bond that Caleb
and I have. Plus, I helped with the
naming of him. His Dad wanted to
name him Tyler Lee but my daughter
was not pleased with that name. I
told her that I like Tyler but did not
care for the Lee. So I suggested Caleb
Tyler (along with some others), the
next thing I knew, he was going to
be Caleb Tyler. Another connecting
to the bond.

My daughter kept asking me what

the baby was going to call me and I
kept telling her Pam, you see, I was
just 2 weeks over turning 40 when
I found out I was going to be a
Granny. I was way to young! But,
I also liked messing with Amber
when she asked. All that changed
when I was handed that little runt,
my words were “come to Granny”.

As he got where he was trying to talk,

he would come out with what sounded
like Nana so that is what we stuck
with. He decided what he was going
to call me! Sounds younger then
Granny anyway. Plus, my mother
has always been known as Granny
and we did not need to confuse him
with me and his Great Grandma.
So…I became Nana. Thanks for that Caleb.
Caleb and his Mom lived with me for about
5 years. He became his Nana’s shadow, following
me around from room to room as I cleaned or
worked on a project. He also became Nana’a
little helper. He learned at an early age how
to scrub the side of a toliet (I am sure there
are laws against this somewhere), he was
stripping wall paper at 3. He can yeild a hammer
or a screw driver better then most kids his age.
He can make his bed, changing the sheets..and
do a really good job of it. Caleb knows how to
dust, sweep, mop and runs a vaccum better then
I do. I a nut shell, he is a Nana’s helper and a
Nana’s boy. Plus…he loves to do craft projects!
He has helped me on one of my oil paintings
and he is always ready to lend a hand.

A new tradition will be started in a

couple of weeks when Caleb’s little
brother turns one year old, I will be
making his first cake. I think I will
go with cutting a sheet cake in
smaller squares and making them
look like baby blocks. Wish me luck.

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Hazelaid Necklace

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Once again I wish to thank Lauren over at

for the chance to win a Hazelaid Necklance from

I recieved my necklace from Hazelaid yesterday

in the mail. It is very pretty and I love it.

I put it on last night when I got home and

got the mail so as of yet I have no way of

telling any of you if its working or not.

In my package was a business card for

Hazelaid with a handwritten note that

said, “Enjoy the necklace” and it was

signed by Severine Hazelaid.

The necklace which I picked is made with

beads (I picked the black Hematite beads)

and they it has pieces of hazelwood in

between the beads. Very stylish.

If you will run over to

site you will find that their products are

good for a host of problems. Several of

which I suffer from so here’s hoping that

the necklace does me some good.

A sheet that came with the necklace states

that the necklace can last for 6 months to

a year depending on how much acid you

have in your body. With my issues (and

acid) I am sure my necklace will probably

only last a couple of days!! LOL…..

Swing by Lauren’s site and check her out


and also by the Hazelwood site and check out

what they offer.

This necklace works for me in any way and I

will be purchasing more.

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Chiropractor Part 3 -My Back / Dr. Batson’s Office

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A loss of motion in my lower back of 42%
was not a good thing to hear. Hearing
that my neck was also off and leaning
to the right was not a good thing to
hear esp. after dealing with the
other health issues that I have had
since the first of the year. But….
after 15 visits so far to Dr. Batson’s
office, I am so much better.

There is no more tingling in my left
toes, no more pain in my right calf,
the back pain is gone and the hip is
improving. I have stretching
exercises and core strengthening
exercises to do. I have come off my
migraine meds and I am eating a lot better.
All by just taking a visit to the

I have had back issues since I
was in high school (a long, long
time ago) but I never had anyone
to explain to me the issues of the
back causing problems with the
nerves that could affect so many
areas of the body. On top of that,
I never even thought about it.
I knew about the nerves that
would be affected that could cause
numbness or tingling but I never
realized that it could affect you
bladder, digest system or my

The staff and doctors at the office
are just great. I am greeted with a
friendly “hi, Ms. Pam,” every time
I enter the office. They answer any
questions I have and they really
seem to care. Every one of the staff
are awesome! Thanks.

According to my progress exam
yesterday, I have gone from 42%
to 2%! I will continue with my
exercises in hopes that I can keep
the core stronger and will not have
to deal with all this pain later in my
life. I have been moved from 3 times
a week, to two for this past week and
starting next week I will be going
once a week.

So if anyone is on the flip side of
thinking that these DOCTORS are
quacks, just back crackers or not
really doctors, I will have to disagree.
Dr. Batson and Dr. Sweeny had
actually done more for me then
I was getting through my regular
doctor and they did it all without
sticking me on another pill. So if
you are having issues contact a
chiropractor in your area and
get help.

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Wordless Wednesday- Peek a Boo

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Grandson DJ. Soon to be a year old.