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Trash to Treasure Tuesday

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Okay, so I am a bit unprepared for Trash to
Treasure Tuesday! Why you are
wondering, well…for one, I forgot to
get the pictures together until late
last night right at time that I was
heading to bed. So at that point I also
wrote up a quick piece to go along with
my pictures but I needed to edit it. So,
instead of posting it to my blog, I sent it
to work, via email and figured I would do
it first thing this morning before work got

Since I don’t have that to post, gosh I
wonder what went wrong. Either I think
I clicked on send or it is floating around
somewhere in cyberspace. Then again
sometimes emails will get held up in the
hopper of our email provider, scanning,
checking for spam and things like that
for a bit…but I really expected it to be
here this morning. Oops!

So instead of doing my regular Trash to
Treasures Tuesday I am going to refer to
a blog I have been following and one that
I just love. The thought and ideas that I
have learned and that have come to me
in the past week or so since I started to
follow this blog makes me want to leave
my job and start a little business! Check
it out for yourself at

It also don’t hurt that by posting her link
in my blog I will be in the running for
one of her neat little give a ways! Wow…..
those are so neat. But even don’t win one,
I will still be following this blog for a long
time to come. She has some creative ideas
and like I said, I have picked up some great
ones myself. So go back and check her out.

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Another Caleb/Nana Project

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Last week I posted a blog on Trash to
Treasure Tuesday about the little
lamp I got at a yard sale that was
made out of a mason jar with crayons
in it. I went to dump the crayons since
Caleb has enough of those at the house
and really don’t care much for coloring
anyway when the recycling person in
me came out once again. I owe that to
my brother Mark who through the
years has instilled that quality in me.

What should I do with those older,
fat crayons? One thought came to
mind. As children we use to melt them
down over a glass jar to make a candle
holder or a vase. I knew Caleb had
never done this so I figured I would
save those crayons for when he was
at the house and we could make that
our next Caleb/Nana project.

Jar? I really didn’t have one to use
but I remembered an empty wine
bottle I had saved for the purpose
of using it to paint on and make a
candle holder or something. That
would work perfect. I used a large
plastic empty coffee container to
sit the bottle down in and as I held
the lighter near the bottle, Caleb
melted the crayons down the side
after we had removed the paper
around them. He had a blast with
doing this.

What should we do with it now?
He did not need a vase or a candle
holder in his room so my thoughts
were for him to just sit it on his
dresser to look at, to show his friends
what he had made, but Caleb had another
idea. Way to go Caleb for thinking
outside the box (or bottle), he
wanted to fill it with color sand like
we had done with glass decorative
jars for his Mother and Great
Grandmother before. Hey, why
not. So upstairs to the craft room
we went. I tilted the bottle while he
picked the colors and decided how
much of each to pour and he did the
pouring. The bottle was green so it
altered the color of the sand that we
put in but that was okay, he thought
that was neat too.

The peaks and valleys of the color sand
inside the bottle that once held red
wine was complete except for how to
close it off to keep the sand in. I could
just cover the opening with wax from a
candle but then I remembered that I
put the cork for this bottle in the kitchen
window sill. Bingo…there was my answer.
I gently pushed it into place so not to
mess up Caleb’s color crayon was
drippings and then we sealed it with
more wax from a candle.

Now our project was complete for sure.
I asked him did he want to take it home
the next day when he went to display in
his room but he wanted to leave it in
his room at Nana’s house. So we took
it back upstairs to his room and he
proudly put it on his dresser. I love it
because he loves doing projects with
his Nana.

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Chiropractor verses Medical Doctor

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How many of you out there have had dealings with
a Chiropractor? Back issues, shoulders, knees…etc?

Years, and years ago in my early 20’s (that would be
20 something years ago) I saw one for a short while.
After I felt better, I stopped.

Again in my early 30’s I saw one for awhile, only to
start feeling better and stop. One issue I had with them
was that it was a continuing thing. Something that you
have to keep coming for to keep things in working order,
or at most, several upon several visits to get you feeling

I guess when I was younger I thought things should be
simpler and it should be a lot easlier of a fix. Funny
how we think when we are younger. Now in my past
the Chiro’s I saw normally just did the xray, saw the
problem and adjusted for that issue. But like I stated, it
was not something that could be done over night and
you had to go several times a week for weeks to do this

In the early years I had heard Chiro’s called Back Crackers,
Quacks, they were not medical doctors…etc. I remember
where most doctors did not even like to refer you to one.
Last time my back messed up, 10 or so years ago, I was
sent to an orthopedic doctor where I was given pain meds
and anti inflammitory meds and put out of work for three
weeks. So even then, an orthopedic doctor was referred over
a chiropractor.

I have an on going back issue, discovered while in high school.
I was told by one doctor that it was the type of injury you
would find in a football player and one told me I would be in a
wheel chair later in life. What it basically amounts to is the
L4- L5 slip out of line. When they do this and you take an
xray from the side view you see a stair step affect. I
understand that is not a good thing (lol).

What was never explained to me by a medical doctor or
the other Chiro’s I saw in the past is the damage this
does to your nerves that lead to the spine that effect and
goes out to every part of your body. And me being
young and dumb never thought of it. You see, when I
was told I would be in a wheel chair (he was off base bad)
if I did not take care of it, I figured I needed to do all I
could while I could.

I have never been one to wait on anyone to move anything,
to wait on help or to ask for it. I have learned this past yr.
with my health issues that I have been given NO choice.
Between the sleep apnea and now the back, I have had to
ask for that much needed help. I have learned the hard way.

But in my finding, thanks to the doctor a great Chriopractor,
I seem to be on the road to fixing things I did not know they
could help with. Things that my medical doctor would
send me to a specialist for and have me put on a drug

Not only can this DOCTOR help with the back by putting
it back in line, he will be able to help put space between the
L4 and L5 where the disc is about gone and give what is left
more room to expand. He will be able to stop what is pinching
the nerves, the muscles spasms, the leg numbness and the
tingling in the toes. But in my first visit I also found that they
could help with my migraines to ween me off the preventative
migraine meds I have been on since 2005. And it does not
stop there, with the adjustments, and a change in eating
that he recommended that cuts out food that helps
inflammation enter the body, I should be able to lose
the weight that I have been fighting to lose and could
not know matter what I tried (let me note also here, that
I talked with my medical doctor about this and tried to
explain to him there was more to it then just dieting,
something was preventing my body from allowing me
to lose, his reply “you are going to have to find a diet that
works for you or you are in trouble”!)!! No offers to help…
he is NO longer my doctor. Okay…back to what this
DOCTOR can do, and he will be able in the long run by
doing adjustments around the nerves that are being effected
to help with the IBS that I developed a couple of years ago
(that I was also given a drug for).

Before I had started with this Chiropractor, I had decided
to give it one more hard good try to lose weight before
seeing my new medical doctor, this was before I messed the
back up again. I cut sugar, flour, starches, things like that
out of my system (even Weight Watchers allows rice and
potato’s in their diet). In two weeks I did manage to drop
6 lbs. The the change in eating plan the Chiro gave me allowed
me to drop another 3 lbs from Monday to Friday. I am not
only feeling good about what they are going to do for me about
what they are already showing me in this area.

Not only that, I have had an added extra bonus I was not expecting,
I am sleeping better. With the number change and 3 mask changes
at the first of the year with my sleep apnea, I was still waking tired,
still sleepy during the day, still no energy. The first week with the
Chiro, I am waking not tired, not sleepy during the day and doing
more at night, having more energy.

So now I have to ask……..Chiropractor or Medical Doctor?
We will see in the long run. I have changed my whole
way of eating, fruits and veggies, mostly organic. I am
sleeping better, I have been told they can help with the
back for the pain, the line it up, the hip, the nerves, the toes,
the legs, the digestive system and my migraines. It is going
to require 3 visits a week for 4 weeks then 2 visits for 3 weeks
then I will come once a month, or when I feel the need. I have
been given exercise to help keep the muscles stretched and
strong. I already feel like a different person, in 2 months…
the world should be mine.

I will continue to blog about this and my weight loss, not
for anyone that happens to read this, but for me. I weigh
more then I ever have in my life. But the putting on 40 lbs
three years ago over night due to the sleep apnea was
hard…I hope to kick this and not let all this crap kick me.
Come back on Sunday’s and view my blog and see where
I am and how I am doing.

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The Ghost With The Most

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When my kids were younger I decorated for all
the season’s. In doors and out. Over the years
as they grew and they got older, I got older!
Somewhere along the line I stopped putting
as much out here and there for this holiday

and that holiday and along the line I got rid of things.

As I have been surfing other blogs I have seen
where everyone has started to decorate for fall
and for the Halloween season. It started to put
me in the mood, so Friday before leaving work
I put my things out around the office. But as I
went to look for my Halloween things to decorate
with this year at home I realized that I did not
have that much stuff anymore.

I guess I really need to get busy and start making
somethings to decorate with at least to bring in the
fall season but with the planning of Octoberfest,
photo shoots of class seniors ( I do part time photography),
trying to get my back issue back in working order (slowly)
and work, I am not sure that I will get much done this year.

The sun did shine some today (12 days of rain) and I
did manage to get out and put my ghost in the trees.
I made these ghost, thanks to a friend, Phil Ware,
giving me the pattern several years ago. I have been
using them long enought that they have been spray
painted twice, maybe three times.

I cut them out of thin 1/4 inch ply board with a jig saw,
spray painted and drilled a hole in the top of each
one to hang them by fishing line. The fishing line
allows them to hang from the tree but also to
dance in the breeze. It makes for a ghost entrance
to the front yard.

Yes, that is a black wooden bat hanging in front of that
ghost! There are a couple of them also.

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Crossed Wires?

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Two days ago as I was leaving the
office my cell phone rang. I was
unable to get it but when I got in
the car I returned the call. It was
from my friend, Nancy from Ohio.
She apparently was not able to get
to my call also so I left a message.

As I was driving home I heard my cell
beep, like I had a message. I checked
it and sure enough I did. Upon listening
to that message, from Nancy I realized
that she had just called back but I
could not understand how I had not
heard it ring, you see, I have my
ringer up loud and it plays “Does
your Momma Know”! How could
I miss that?

During my conversation with Nancy,
still on the drive home, I explained
that I had been having a few minor
issues with my home from time to
time. Usually nothing more then it
telling me to insert the sim card or
smart card, when its already inserted
or going straight to voice without
ringing. But I admitted that maybe
since the phone was an antique that
maybe it was time I got a new one,
you see, I was probably the last
person on earth to get a cell, saying
I would never have one…now I can’t
live without it! Go figure. But I got
this phone, three and a half years
ago and I still am operating on the
same battery. I think that is pretty
good. Charge it once every other
day and I never turn it off.

Okay, as normal I ventured off the
regular story, what’s new there?

I was talking to Nancy, as I drove
home, carrying on the conversation
about my antique phone when it
went dead. Yes, it did. I tried to call
her back but just as it would ring,
she would call in. I tried to switch
over to her call only to find the line
dead. This went on a couple of times
but finally I got my call to go through
without her calling in, only to get a
complete stranger. Now to make
matters worse, that conversation
would only last a couple of words
before the line would go dead again.
Little did I know that each time
Nancy tried to call me (it would
show up on my phone she was
calling) the line would be answered
by yet another complete stranger!
Oh yes, this was getting confusing,
yet interesting.

The whole time I am thinking this
is my phone. I was to meet my Mom
at Big Lots and I walk into the story
with a confused look on my face and
the back off my phone while I rearrange
and shake the battery (okay, I was
hoping it was like a toner cartridge
on a printer..shake it and it works
better). At this point Mom tells me
that my sister in law called her
earlier looking for my brother, she
sounded strange. Later she called
back, she was concerned cause she
could not find Mark but a woman
answered his cell. No, Kim did not
think the worst, she thought maybe
someone stole his phone or he lost it.

Something clicked then and I asked
Mom did Mark have a AT&T phone
at which she did not know. But how
could it be AT&T…no it still had to
be my phone. As we walked through
the store to the back, my cell rings.
My other sister in law, Lori is
calling me. I answer and no one
is there. Now I am getting a bit
ticked when a clerk ask me did
I have AT&T. Said that had happened
to her all day. Can’t call out because
she would get strangers and people
calling her got strangers….how strange!

BINGO! Not my phone.

About 2 hours later things seem to
be worked out and back to normal.
My other brother Ray, who has an
Iphone, had no problem. A woman
at work who has an Iphone, had no
problem. Who knows.

I thought all was well on the way to
work the next morning talking to my
friend Debbie (I do my best talking
and thinking while driving) when
the phone died. Yes, here we go
again. I tried to call back, no such
luck, I did not get a stranger but
the call did not go through. She
called 4 times and finally that 4th
time got me back.

So I ask, what’s up with AT&T? I
have had my issues with them
before, mainly billing and customer
service, have they gotten to big for
their pants?
Check out that post…

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Trash to Treasure Tuesday

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One day a few weeks ago I showed this item that I
had gotten at Goodwill on my Trash to Treasure Tuesday.

This past Saturday I was at the local animal shelter fund
raiser and I ran across another one that was almost like
my first. I had to get it. I paid $1.50 for this one. They
both look so cute on my porch.

Also, I picked up this Christmas wire basket type thing. I
love it. It will make a perfect basket for gift giving for
Christmas. I found this one at the local animal
shelter fund raiser also. This one also cost me $1.50.

From there Mom and I stopped at a couple of yard sales.
I found this cute lamp. I was not to crazy about the
shade but the old mason jar and lid was really neat.
The crayons will go and I will replace them with marbles
maybe and I will also replace the shade. This will look
so cute on the counter in my kitchen. Works great,
I gave a whole 75 cents for this item.

Now, to show you a couple of pieces that I picked

up several years ago at a senior citizen home
fund raiser. I was walking around, up and
down the tables looking things over when I
noticed this bowl. It just grabbed my attention.
I thought it was really pretty and it was only $1.00.
As I walked around looking for other stuff I happened
to see a woman carrying a large platter type plate
that was the same pattern as the bowl I had. I asked
the woman where she found it, hoping there were
more pieces but there was not. I was about to ask
her if she wanted the bowl to go with the plate when
she asked me! Of course I wanted it. So I got both
pieces for a total of $2.00. I have tried to look them
up on the internet and have been unable to find
anything on them. The plate stands on the top of
my secretary in the living room and the bowl as fake
fruit in it and sits in the bottom of a stand in the kitchen.

Bottom of the bowl and plates



The last trash to treasure items I am going to show

are some more items that my brother made. I
showed some a few weeks back but these are
some other ones. Mark makes these out of metal,
screws, and other things he has laying around. I
love the spring dog. I love his talent and his sight
with making these things

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Dakota-Tricks- Video

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My daughter thought my grandson needed
a dog a couple of years ago. That lasted
about six months or so then they moved
and were not allowed to have pets. It
was not that big of deal cause Dakota
(dog) and Caleb (grandson) had not
really bonded. When I say not really
bonded I mean Caleb being a boy, bored,
not many kids around to play with, he
tormented that poor puppy. Not hurting
Dakota but doing boy things such as chasing
him with remote control cars, chasing him
under beds, growling at him and the poor
puppy just did not care for that, or Caleb.

Anyway, two years ago this past August,
Dakota came to live with me. He was at
that time just six months old. He is a Jack
Russell terrier. Now, the deal was, could I
keep him for a couple of weeks until they
could find him a home…..yeah right. I knew
how that would go, so I started to look for
him a home. After a couple of weeks, he had
started to worm his way into my heart, even
though I stand firm in saying “I did not want
a dog”.

My daughter and grandson had lived with
me for the last 5 plus years and for a year
I had finally had my home to myself again
and I was being selfish and was not wanting
anything I needed to take care of. Dakota
fell in that category. I tried to find him a
home but I seemed to always find something
wrong with the people that wanted him.
So…in January, five months after coming
to live with me…I excepted that he was mine.

To tell you the truth, he is the king of lair
at my home. He goes to my Mom’s everyday
on my way to work to play with her dogs
and stay at Granny’s Doggie Day Care
( that is what I call Mom’s house). But
he has been good company for me. He is
funny, he can be a pain, but I have really
grown to love him.

Dakota is jealous of my computer, my
camera and Caleb. If I am working with
my camera he will jump up and touch
his nose to the bottom body of my camera,
telling me he wants attention. He demands
that often. When at the computer he will
lay at my feet or if he thinks I have been
on to long he will jump up and start
scratching at the back of my chair or my
legs. Then when it comes to Caleb being
at the house, Dakota tolerates him. He
rather him not be there. Dakota will
worm his way between Caleb and I, he
will snap at Caleb when I am not looking
but the biggest thing is he will follow me
around like he is so afraid I will get out of
his sight……and Caleb will get attention he
will not know about.

I have to say that Dakota has been so easy
to teach tricks to. He is very smart. I can
ask does he want to go out and he runs to
the door, I ask if he wants a treat and he
will run around the room and dart to the
kitchen. I can say something about Caleb
and he will run to the window to see if he
is here. But the tricks are the best. I have
never had a dog that was smart enough to
work for a treat!

Dakota can walk on his back legs, he can
dance on them to. He can lay and roll over,
he will kiss me and the cheek if I ask and he
will sit, sit up, shake and high five. If you
ask him to love you he will his head on
your stomach and look at you, or if riding
in the car he will lay his head on you shoulder
and snuggle you neck. But the newest
trick is that he will get a treat on the
count of three. I love it.

Yes….this is the dog I did not want but
so glad I kept.

Check out Dakota’s tricks. Video is not the
best, kind of hard when you are trying to
video and do the tricks with the dog too.
Need more light next time also I think

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