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To Newer Friends that Have Come Into My Life

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Yesterday I posted about long standing friends
and today I wanted to post
about newer friends. These are friends I have
made in the last few years, some
with the last year. These are the people that
will just drift into my life and be
gone in no time at all, I do believe these will
be friends that will be around for

There is Theresa. She has been in a couple of my
blogs along the way. I met
her almost three years ago when she came to
Photo Services to work (where
I worked before coming to the TBI). Theresa
was a throw back from the older
Photo Services days, this meaning, she was a
photographer that worked there
once before.

She came into that office working with a big staff
of three (3)! It seemed as if
Phil, her and I hit it off really well. We would all
do lunches together and sometimes
there would be a drink or two after work. Theresa
and I have continued to stay in
contact since I left. She lives near me, we have a
lot in common, two of which are
eating and photography! We do dinner maybe
once a week or at least once every other
week and we do festivals with our camera’s together.
Glad she has become my friend.

Then there would be Nancy. This is a different kind
of friend, at least to me but maybe
not so different to today’s standards. I met Nancy
via the internet and a site dedicated to
mom’s, Grandmom’s, Dad’s, Aunt’s, Uncles..etc.. for
sharing pics of their families. This site
closed in December but it was called Clubmom. I have
been able to keep in touch with a lot
of those Mom’s by way of Facebook these days. But
Nancy, my cousin, Kathy and I have
shared private email address and phone numbers. I
met her almost two years ago on CM and
she even traveled to TN from Ohio to visit me in May.
That was our first actual meeting.

Nancy, Kathy and I have the photography thing in
common. Kathy being great with photographing
people but mostly kids. Nancy being really good at staging
and set up of shots for greeting cards
and I do nature the best. Nancy is a loving and caring
person that is very dedicated to her family.
She has been a good friend to me in the past two years
and I am lucky to call her my friend.

Then there is Deborah and Cindy. Oh my gosh, these
to two women are a MESS. I met them just
over a year ago when I went to work with the TBI.
These two women excepted me as the third
secretary, their side kick, THE WOMAN, with open
arms. We all have our own kind of humor and
we all play it off each other so well. With the type of
work we do laughter is a must in our office,
these ladies help to bring that much needed laughter
to my job and my laugh. They say laughter is
the best medicine and if that be the case, I will
probably never be ill!

Cindy nicely told me the other day that it was like they
were a puzzle and I was the missing piece.
I came right into the unit and I fit right into that missing
spot! What an awesome compliment! I think
these two women will be in my life for a long time to come.
Thanks ladies, you have proven to be very
caring, loving and there several times for me lately. And
Deborah, thanks for the prayers and the one
you sit in my office and held my hand and said for me
that day! Love you ladies.

These are some of the friends that have recently come
into my life, ones that I feel will be
a part of my life for a while, and for some reason, if they
are not, at least I know each one of
them came for a reason and they touched my life in a
very important way.

Thanks for stopping in,


Friends-The Ones Who Touch Your Life

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You know, people come and go through
your life daily, some to stay, and some
just to touch you in one way or another
then to move on. Others just pass by and
you may or may not even notice them.

In my 49 years I have met more people
then I could even begin to remember.
Some of those might have left a memory
in my mind that will pop up from time to
time and others might have stayed a last
memory. Others might have remained in
my life to become long times friends.

I have some friends that are just that, long
time friends. Ones that have been in my
heart and in my life for what seems like
forever. Some that I might not see but once
a year (Julie) and others that I see once a
week (Debbie), the ones that live in the
neighbor behind me and I see from time
to time (Barb)….but with each one of these
long time friends, I know in my heart, if I
needed them, they would be there.

Barb and I go back a long time. I was around
12 when her and I started to hang out together.
She lived down the street and around the
corner. Came from a bigger family then I,
there was five of them where there was only
three of us kids in my family. Each one of
them had a name that started with a “B”.

Barb and I remain friends to this day. I have
been a part of her life, her wedding, the birth
and life of her kids, family events, and her
and her hubby Phil have been there many
times for me, no question’s asked! Just there
…….37 years and true friends!

Debbie and I have been friends since the day
we met living next door to each other one
Halloween about 28 years ago. We have
shared ups and downs together, we have
shared dreams and nightmares. We have
watched our kids and now our grandkids grow
as well as being there when we have lost a loved
one. This also is a friend I know I can always
count on no matter the mood I am in, she will
be there, and has been more then once. I only
hope I have been able to do that for her also.

Debbie is the type of friend that allows me to be
me. She may not agree with me on everything,
she may not agree with my choices, but she will
support me cause they are my choices. I remember
once many years ago that Debbie once told me that
she valued our friendship because I did not tell her
what to do, what choice to make, I did point out the
if, and’s and buts about each pro and con of an issue
so she could see both areas. I have carried that with
me and remembered that all these years.
Thanks Debbie.

Julie, the lovely and talented woman. Julie
and I met in high school, 7th grade, so
very long ago! Julie loves to tell the story
of why she hand picked me as her friend,
because the school we went to was a rough
one and she saw me as a tough one that
would not take anything from anyone…
she felt she would be safe! I was also a part
of Julies wedding to Roger and have remained
a part of their life all these years. We may see
each other once a year but I am proud to call
these two my friends. Proud of the bakery
they started a couple of years ago also and
how well they have done with it! You two
are great!

These are some of my long standing friends.
And there are stories I could tell on each one
of them, stories I could tell on each one of them
and I together…but I will not bore you, or cause
you to pee your pants laughing right now! These
friends are just some that have touched my life
in some really neat ways. In ways that I will
always remember and always hold dear…..but
then there are those friends that have come into
my life in the last few years that have also just
begun to touch my life, tomorrow I would love to
share them with you….

Thanks for stopping in,

More Memories – My Granddaddy

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I did a blog for my Granny yesterday so I wanted to
be sure and do one for my Granddaddy also.

That man was bigger then life to me and
I loved him so much. Granddaddy left us
when I was in either the 7th or 8th grade
(that would be about 36 years ago or so).
He had lung cancer. That was my first dealings
with that wicked disease, later in life I lost
several close family members to it in some form
or another. To hear that my Granddaddy had this
was scary; to know that we would probably
lose him was hard to take. If I remember
correctly, six months after hearing that
news, he was gone.

Like my Granny, I have memories of him.
He worked at the local drive in (that was
when there were still a lot around). He
ran the projector at night and cleaned t
he parking lot during the day. When we
visited we always went a long to help out.
To us, my brothers and my cousins and I,
it was not a job because we always seemed
to have so much fun doing it.

We would each have a burlap sack that was
as big as each one of us and we go around
the lot, roll for roll picking up paper and
trash. When we had our sacks full we
would ride on the top of the car or in
the trunk to the end of the lot where the
dumpster was to empty our sacks and
then we started out again.

I remember a time that my Granddaddy
let my oldest brother, my uncle (who
was younger then my brother), my cousin
and I ride home from the drive in, in the
trunk of his car. We had to hold the trunk
lid barely opened so we could have air but
we could not let it close on us. Oh my gosh,
as a Mom and a Grandmother myself now
I would have a fit to know my child was
riding like that!

Above the snack area at this drive in
and right outside where the projector
was there was a patio type area with
outdoor seating, that is where my cousin,
Kathy and I saw the movie “Gone with the
Wind”. My first time to ever see it.

When I was in elementary school I grew
fast, shot right up there, and I was tall
for my age. Problem with that is, I did
all my growing then, only to stop and
have everyone pass me up for me to
remain in my adult life….short! But
as a child I was tall and skinny (that is
a thing of the past also). One of my
memories of Granddaddy was that he
always called me String Bean. Not a
nickname I really wanted or thought
was the neatest one to have, but it did
not bother me that he called me that. I
felt special. Then there was a song that
he always sang when I was around “Hey,
hey, good looking, what you got cooking”.
For all I know, he could have sang this to
my cousin’s also, but in my mind, he was
singing that to just me. I so loved that man.

My Granddaddy had a side job also, he
raised worms! Yes, you read that one
right. He raised worms and people would
come by to buy up worms for fishing.
Those were some big, fat, juicy, creepy,
crawly (are you reading this Kathy?)…worms.
I was never afraid of those things but
my Mom (Granddaddy’s daughter is).
He fed these worms lettuce, cabbage
and tomatoes. He may have fed them
other things but that is what I remember
seeing thrown on the worm beds.

Granddaddy was a gentle man, a man
of few words, tall and dark and once
again, I wished I had thought to sit and
listen to his life as a child. I am sure that
those are stories I would have carried
with me and shared with my grandkids.

Thanks for stopping in. Please your
comment and a memory of your Granddad.

Memories – My Granny

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This is my Granny. Wasn’t she a pretty lady?

My Grandmother has been gone now for
twenty two years, this past February. I
was twenty seven years old when I lost
her and to this day I still miss her. Even
at that age I was young and to dumb even
though I was expecting my second child to
realize how important she was and how much
history she carried with her. I wished I had sit
with her and recorded events in her life, her
childhood, her life as a married woman and her
life as she raised seven children. I wished I had
the wisdom to have done that.

Granny, me and my daughter, Amber

My Granny was not a hugging sort of person, but
you knew she loved you, you knew it with every
little thing she did for you. I lived out of town and
do not have the daily memories my cousin’s have
but I have some really special ones that I will carry
with me always.

One memory, if we happen to be making a trip to
Georgia around my birthday she would want to know
what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday. I
remember telling her once I wanted a chocolate
pie, and it was there waiting for me when I got there.
Or the banana sandwiches she would make for me.
For some reason, hers was always the best, made
with that special ingredient, love, I guess.

My biggest memory is the Sunday afternoon dinners.
Wow, that woman could put on a spread. Always had
a ton of food for all my aunts, uncles and cousins that
came over after church. It was all so great.

My Granny was an easy going woman, I can’t
remember a time that I heard her raise her voice
to any of us. She always had tea and coke at her
house. And when we lost her she had her seven
children, 19 grandchildren and without me doing
research I can’t tell you how many great grandkids
at the time. I know my daughter was 6 at the time,
and I know there were more. Granddaddy had left
us several years before that, I was in high school when
he died of lung cancer. I am lucky to have had my
Granny as long as I did but like I said, I only wished
I had written down some of her history. She saw so
much change in her life and all I needed to do was sit
and share that time with her.

I also remember my Granny’s house. She had the
neatest porch out front. Okay, it was no better then
any other porch but to me it was special. It was
covered, had those old metal chairs and a glider on
it. The house was white and at one point there was
ivy that grew up and over the entrance of the porch.
It always stayed cool on that porch even when it was
so hot. And for the longest time, it was cooler to be
out doors because Granny had no air conditioning.
I could not even think about sleeping these days without
That is Ivy growing up over the entrance

My cousin, Kathy and I sat on this porch a many a days
and played the car game. Sitting right there on that
glider. She got points for cars that came from her
side, I got them from cars that came from my side.
Kids games to pass the day. But, when Kathy could
not be around, Laddie and I spent time on that porch.
Laddie being a reddish color outside dog that
Granddaddy and Granny had. I would just sit and
rub him and talk with him. You see there were no
kids to play with around there and Granny’s house
sit on a 2 lane highway. The airport owned the
property across the street. Recently my cousin
drove down Sullivan Road to find that the highway
had changed and the curves and route was not the
same, and my Granny’s home was no longer there.
A piece of my history gone, a sad thought but I
know that I carry my memories with me just the

Memories, we need to hold them dear and near to
us, but we also need to make as many as we can
with the ones we love before they leave us.

Thanks for stopping in and sharing my memories.
Please leave a comment with your memories.

This is my Granny’s house that was taken in 94,
years after sheleft us. The house was painted green
then and was being used as storage from the
builder next door. Just seeing it in a different
color changes the way I remember it.

Trash to Treasure/Second Time Around Tuesday

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This iron yard art that sets under my tree in
my front yard was a trash find. My brother found
this one years ago while walking through is
neighborhood the evening before trash pick up day.
Mark is a recycling person and he just could not
leave this to go to the landfill. He collects metal
a lot of times and then takes it down to the locate
recycling place when he has a truck load. I am sure
he thought this piece would also make it to the back
of the truck but for some reason it ended up at my
Mother’s yard sale. I took a liking to it for its strange
shape and cause it was just different, so I ended up with it.
One mans trash, became a yard art treasure for me.

This plant holder was one of my Goodwill finds.
I gave $1.00 for it. I was not sure at the time if I would
keep it or do something else with it but as soon as I
got out of the car with it, it was set on my porch steps and
there is where it has remained. Just adds a little extra to
my steps with a plant sitting in it during the summer months.

Now this one was a great bargain! Free….I so love FREE!
This was in a tree at a friends house. She had moved in
to the house not long before that. We were out front
talking about plants when I looked up into this tree
beside the porch and asked what was in there, it was
well hidden by branches and leaves. She reached up and
pulled this out. Then handed it to me asking me did I
want it. She knows I have birdhouses on my porch and
in my tree’s so this was great.
This FREE item (did I tell you that I love FREE?) sits
on a wire type bakers rack on my porch along with
some plants and some other birdhouses. I adds a
welcoming effect when you step onto the porch.

Thanks Theresa for my birdhouse…looks great with my
new paint job on the house!
Thanks for stopping in,


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This post is for my friend Pam D and fellow blogger

Pam and I go back to elementary school, 2nd
grade actually, and that would be right around 42
years. Now we were not best friends, go each
other’s house friends and then there was the years
after high school till just recently that we had no
contact…..but I consider her my friend. Our
high school, which no longer exist as a senior high,
has its own website. It has to be one of the best high
school websites I have ran across. Pam and reconnected
through this site a couple of years ago and then she got
me into this blogging thing…thanks Pam, I do enjoy it.

Anyway, from the past to the future. Pam and I share
the school website, the blogging, facebook and emails.
She is well aware of my battle this past winter with
squirrels in my attic. To go along with the RODENTS that
moved into my attic, they partied at night, right above my
head while I tried to sleep. Now, that is bad enough, but I
suffer from sleep apnea which makes that a double slam to
my sleep issues. Then there was the removal of the critters
and the freak’n cost to remove them.

It was a down hill slide with these things. Nights of no sleep or
a restless sleep with the dog and I on the couch. The $900.00
something dollars it cost me right after Christmas to have them
trapped and removed. I guess that was cheaper then me buying
a shotgun and shotting up through the ceiling in my bedroom and
then having to repair all that! On top of the removal, there was the
spraying of the attic to kill the body oils, any after birth (if any) to
avoid any other critters from moving in, having the hole they chewed
in the eve of the house covered up till I could have it fixed and the
trimming of trees. With this cost I learned so fast to develop a lasting
HATE for these freak’n critters/rodents.

Recently I have had to put of more money to have the hole actually
repaired. It was covered with a piece of metal flashing till recently.
That was another cost. Freak’n rodents………

Anyway, Pam kids me about my dislike for these critters and I am
sure she gets a laugh or two when I mention that my car aims for
them…..but the reason why this blog is donated to her is because I
needed to share that I have a new rodent that is on my list now.

This morning while looking in my pantry and pulling a breakfast
bar out of the box I realized I have a freak’n mouse! CRAP!
You know, squirrels and mice are closely related……
Anyway, Pam I am on a new adventure now, I have not had
a mouse in this house EVER, and I have lived here for 16 years.
So, this is the first time in a lot of years I have had to deal with
these nasty, sneaky, little rodents……but, the decon has been
put out. Hopefully this adventure will not cost me near as much
as the squirrels.

Theres my blog to you Pam….enjoy the laugh I hear coming
up from the Georgia way!


Since then I have had to re

Another Joke on the Neighbor

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My neighbor is a firm believer that Miracle
Grow works wonders. I for one have to
agree, but I don’t mix it up and use it on
a regular basis like she did. I could look
outside and she would be carrying milk
jugs all over the backyard with this mixture
watering all the various plants here and
there, spreading the liquid love.

I worked with friend that had a lot of little
trees, maple and red buds that were about
2 to 3 feet high. She dug them up and brought
them to me to plant in my backyard since there
are not a lot of trees except on the outer edge. I
shared with my neighbor.

We planted a maple one about mid way between
the decks in the center of the backyard. Not sure
if it’s on her side, my side or in the middle. But
she took to mixing the liquid love and applying it
to this tree at least once a week.

Once again, I had a brain storm and I included my
side kick, my son. There was also a maple tree that
was growing on the side bank of the creek on the
side of my yard next to my drive. I knew that it was
not a good place for this tree to be left growing. It
just so happened that it was a lot bigger then the 3
foot size one that was being looked after by the
neighbor, maybe twice as big.

It was early one morning, Cory and I dug the tree
at the creek up, went around back and checked
her back door to be sure that she was not up and
on the deck. Then we dug the little tree up and
replaced it with the bigger tree!

My neighbor and I would do coffee on either her
deck or mine on Saturday or Sunday’s so I figured
it was coffee time. I knocked on the door. She came
to the door and I asked was she ready for coffee,
then I proceeded to tell her that the Miracle Grow
really was a MIRACLE. She looked at me and asked
what I meant, I stepped out of the way so that she
could view the tree. Her mouth dropped open and
she stumbled with her words before she saw the
look on my face and knew I done something!

Needless to say, we had a good laugh. The tree as
grown a lot in the last few years and is not so little

Thanks for stopping in,