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Fireworks, Midnight, Idiots

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Last night at midnight, through the work week,
the idiot two doors up decided to start celebrating
the 4th of July early.

I heard the fireworks about an hour and 15 minutes
after me falling off to sleep. Now, keep in mind, my
sleep is important because I have so many sleep
issues as it is. So here I am sleeping so well, when
the noise woke me. I rolled back over and tried to
go back off to sleep when I hear it again, and again
…..and yet again! Needless to say, I was not a happy

I laid there a bit then I decided to get up and go
stand on the porch. I guess the lights flipping on
in the house kind of made them stop and think,
because by the time I got the front door open,
they stopped…….but by this time, I was awake
and not at all happy. I was thinking that I wished
they had those fireworks put where to sun did not
shine and I had the match!

I stayed awake for about 15 minutes, but the
sleep had already been disturbed. After getting
back into bed, suiting back up with my mask
and turning the machine on (sleep apnea)
and aying there awhile, thinking, I fell
back off to sleep. That did not last long,
I guess when I ripped the equipment off
the first time I loosened the straps and I
kept being waken by the sound of air
escaping. I was to tired to wake enough
to do something about it so I fought with
that all the rest of the night. Five A.M
comes early enough anyway, but when
you toss and turn and fight the pillows,
the covers, the mask, the idiots next door,
it comes earlier, or seems like it does.

Okay, so there are a few more days till the
4th and I wonder if this will be a nightly thing
till then or even after. Well, as I laid awake
thinking after being woke, I came to a conclusion
on what I could do if this happens again. I think
I will have to have a pack (yes, a whole pack) of
fireworks on hand, and I should go and place
them under the master bedroom window, light
them and leave, at 5 A.M in the morning.
Sounds like a plan to me and if I am ticked
enough, I will do it.

I have no problems with fireworks going off
through the week at a decent hour. I have no
problem with them going off all night on Friday
or Sat. night, but when I have to get up and go to
work the next morning, I have a problem with it.

I so wish people would stop and think about
others around them, if not they need to move
to a farm with lots of land so they can be idiots
without disturbing the neighbors.

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Happy Birthday Jessica…

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Today is my niece’s birthday. She is turning 17.

Some friends of Lori and Ray’s that have

been living in the guest house at Ray’s
for the past 3 months have taken Jessie
home with them for two weeks, so she
is spending her birthday in the UK this
year. Tim and Allsion have been here
while Tim went to a flying school to learn
to fly a helicopter. Tim will be returning
to Nashville in two weeks and will be
bringing Jessie home then.

Jessie is a mild and meek girl, very quite.

Sometimes you do not realize she is in the
room. That is a difference from all the
others in my family. We are vocal, and
people know when we are around because
we like to talk.

I met Jessie when she was about 7 years

of age. Her Mom, Lori, married my brother,
Ray and I was blessed with a new sister in
law, a new niece and nephew.

Jessie is a tiny blonde that loves chicken

fingers and fries! I remember on our cruise
that is all she would eat. But even with that,
she doesn’t eat a lot. She and her Mom are
really close.

I have not spent a lot of one of one time with

Jessie other then a night here and there when
I was house sitting and she returned from her
Dad’s. I have tried to pick at her like I do all
the other niece’s and nephew’s but she just
looks at me and smiles. Not saying anything
back to get me going on a roll! One day Jessica,
I will get the better of you!

I really hope that Jessie has a great time in the

UK. Learning a different culture and meeting
new people will be so much fun for her. It will
be an experience to always have and remember.

Have fun girl, take lots of pictures.

Happy Birthday Jessie.

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PS….this is the last birthday wish for family members for the
month of June (course it is almost the end of June now)!! lol

Happy Birthday, Ray

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Happy Birthday, Ray

This is our birthday month….Mark, Holly,
now Ray and then Jessy. So bear with me in
my b-day wishes.

Ray is my oldest brother. There is about
2.5 years between him and I and then 2.5
years between Mark and I. Once again, I
will not tell my brothers age since he
probably would not like that!

Ray is a business man thru and thru. He
attended college at Vol State for a year
then he went to UT Martin for several more.
He majored in accounting.

I can remember when Ray kept books at
home as a teen. He had his own log book
where he put down everything that had to
do with money. He cut yards for money then
and that was added in the plus column of this
log, then when he spent some, even a quarter,
it was logged in the minus column. If he was
just a few cents off he would figure, and
refigure and try to come up with where he
went wrong. It did not surprise me that he
decided to become a CPA.

Ray graduated from college then he moved
to Chattanooga and worked there. Only to
move back to Nashville a few years later to
work for another accounting firm. From there
he bought into a company that dealt with
telecommunications. He was Mr. Vice President.

Down the road he sold this business and
became retired in his early 40’s. But Ray
can’t be without something to work his mind.
He then went into the racing business when
my nephew, his son, Chase started racing. Ray
learned the business end of all that with no
problems and he was off and going. He also
managed Deborah Renshaw’s racing team for
a year. From this adventure he went into being
a partner for custom floors and doors, the
importing of exotic hardwood flooring, decking
and custom designed doors.

Ray has three children, Chase, Paige and Cobi.
He is married to Lori, who brought two children
to the marriage, Sean and Jessy. They have a
wide range of dogs, a cat, two birds and horses.
But at one point they had ferrets, fish, and a rabbit.

Now with that said, let me say that like Mark,
Ray has been good to his sister (me). He don’t
like for you to make a big deal of the things he
does for you. A thank you and then let it go.
Without going into all the details, lets just say
that he has helped me out more then once, more
then twice…..Thank you Ray. I hope I have always
made it a point to say those words. I also want
you to know that I mean it. You are a good
brother and a good person.

I have not mentioned the things he has done
for me but I do want to say that he has given
me to trips on a cruise ship. Thanks to him I
have probably gone places I never would have
been able to go. The first one was to the
Bahamas’s and Key West then three years
later to Cozumel, Panama and Jamaica.
Each time I was able to take this cruise
with my sister in law, Lori. Thank you Lori
also for requesting my company on these
trips you have taken. I love you both so much.

Happy Birthday Ray…….and thanks for
everything. I love you.

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I have always liked dolphins, but my daughter Amber

loves them. They are such beautiful creatures that swim

with such grace through the water.

I have been lucky enough to say that I have swam with

them, petted them and even received a kiss from one.

With my fear of water and the fact I can’t swim, that

is saying a lot.

In October 2006, my lovely sister in law and I took

another cruise (our second). We flew to Miami Fla.

to board our ship and from there we traveled to

Cozumel, Mexico. Once there we got off the ship

and prepared for our swim. There were two dolphins

that we were to swim with. We had two coach’s

( to coach us) or trainers ( for the dolphins). There

were several people in our group including Lori’s

Mom, Eva, and her Dad, George. Let me just say right

now that I am George’s adopted daughter according to

him…and that is just fine with me.

We were introduced to the dolphins when they were

told with hand singles to swim in front of us standing

on a gated type platform attached to the dock. They

made several trips in front of us and we were instructed

to hold our hands out and pet them as they past. We

were then told, one at a time to swim out into the

ocean, in the pen of the dolphins and then they would

bring us back. That worked for most but since Eva

and I did not swim, we were pulled out there.

My first trip with the dolphins was to lay out on my

tummy and as they swam by me on each side I was

to reach out and take a fin. I was pulled by them back

to the dock are. It was so neat. Then my next swim

came only after the trainer begged me to go and do

it….it was the fear of water in my face that was

stopping me. Then I decided, what the heck, go

for it. And I did, which by the way is documented

on a CD for all who wish to see it.

I was taken back out and I had to float on my tummy

again, only with my feet and hands out a certain way.

Both dolphins came up and placed their nose at the

arch of both feet, going back to the dock and pushing

me up out of the water. I was flying on the nose of

two dolphins. I loved it, but then they started to

lower me as we got near the dock. That is where

I shouted “oh crap (not the word I used), for fear

of the water in my face. But it was not at all bad.

The kiss~~~ they come right up and place their nose

into your open hand and you lean in and kiss them……

mine was not leaving, I think he wanted to French.

He kept staying there with his nose in my hand

looking at me!

The dance~~~ you get out into the water, away from

the dock and turn around and around and they will

do the same in front of you.

The song ~~~ They both were told by hand singles

that we were giving to sing. Both sang by making a

different sound. It was so neat.

I never thought, except that once about the fear I have

of water. It was so worth it to get out there and do

that and I would do it again in a heart beat. So if you

ever happen to be at my home ask to see the CD!

It’s so funny..

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The Young Mind

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My grandson Caleb has loved learning since
he was a little thing. Even the littlest thing,
he would listen and soak it all up. I started
teaching him when he was a few months
old with animal sounds. Teaching him the
sound and then telling him what animal it

We did colors, trees, bushes, birds and even
state capitals. Before he was 4 years old he
knew 32 state capitals. A lot of those we did
not stay on top of and he has forgotten most.

If I was working around the house with a
screw driver or hammer, cleaning….whatever,
my little shadow wanted to be a part of it all.
I taught him to use that screw driver and
hammer as well as the vacuum cleaner. By
the time he was two, he was excellent with
a toilet brush! Scared me at times because
I worried about child labor laws! I taught
him how to make his bed….and mine. Actually,
we made mine together making a game of it.
That was how I taught him a lot of things,
making a game of it. He learns so fast and
retains what he learns.

He use to help me cook, do dishes standing
in the chair, make a salad and even mop. But
it was the things that he picked up in an everyday
conversation or activity that amazed me. Like
when I let him help me strip off wall paper,
not knowing that it would stay with him. So
one night while spending the night in my bed
at the age of about 2, I turned my back on him
because he would not lay still and go to sleep,
when I hear, RIP! I had made the statement
sometime before that when I decided to strip
the paper off my one wall in my room, he could
help. He decided he would start it before I was
ready! Sometimes those things we teach or
show them to do….come back to get you!

He will now to this day at the age of 8.5, point
out those birds we learned or a certain flower
or tree. He has showed me things on my
computer, tv and cell phone that I had NO
clue about. Things I did not teach him or his
Mom, just things he picked up by getting on
there and messing around. Or like him having
a facebook account and plays on farmtown. I
will be on my farm and he on his at his house
and he will instant chat me. Asking me what
I am doing…then the times he calls me to tell
me I have things to harvest on my farm. He is
a smarty.

Daily fun and conversations become a learning
experience for me these days. He will come out
with things that I don’t think an 8 year old
would know. Or I will ask him a question and
he will answer, surprising me. There as been a
time or two that I have had to go to the internet
and look things up to see if he was right, he has

For instance, I got him a little pin light that shows
in blue and red light. He shines it upon the
ceiling and tells me the blue light looks like
diamonds. Then he flips to the red and says,
“Look Nana, red diamonds”. I tell him that I
don’t think there is a thing called red diamonds
and he tells me that a red one would be a ruby.
He learned that in a science book he checked
out of the school library.

The other day we were watching Armageddon
with Bruce Willis. I asked Caleb if he knew
what happen to dinosaurs. He looks at me
and rolls those eyes and tells me he does.
Then he begins to explain that an asteroid
hit the earth and killed them. He said that
what did not die that way died when the
asteroid cause the water to come up on the
banks and it drowned the rest of them.
I looked stunned I guess that he knew this
and he told me that he was right wasn’t he.

The child amazes me daily. I love the fact
that his brain soaks in the things that he
hears and learns. I love it that he can tell
me things that I have to look up to see if
he is right. I love it that he learned so much
in the five years he lived with me. I love the
fact that when 2nd grade ended this year, he
was reading at a 4th grade level. I love his
little sweet face and those blue eyes that light
up when he is excited, and I love those words
that he says to me, “I love you Nana, more
then infinity and beyond”. Yes, Nana is proud
of you.

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Happy Birthday, Holly

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Holly has grown up on us all to fast. I remember when she
was born, that was 14 years ago tomorrow.

Her parents are my brother, Mark and Kim. She is an only
child and she has her Dad’s sense of humor. She is a cut up
and an entertainer all the way around. There is not much
this girl can’t do.

Mark was racing before Holly came along at the old Nashville
speedway. The night that Kim was rushed to he hospital to
have Holly, Mark was due to start on the pole at the track.
He handed the car over to Steve Addington to run the race
in his place. Steve took home first place that night and when
he was interviewed he made the statement that he won that
race for Mark. Later Mark stopped racing since he did not
want to take any chances, he wanted to be able to be around
and raise his new daughter.

Holly was different then most babies. When trying to
get a baby to lay down and sleep, you usually keep everything
quite, not with Ms. Holly, most times to get her to sleep they
ran the vacuum cleaner or Mark turned on a tape of racing.
Usually she fell off to sleep. I guess that is a throw back from
listening to the races at the track while Dad raced before she
was born.

Like I said, Holly is an entertainer. She has been a part of the
drama camp for two years during the summer that takes
place at her school. She has also acted in a play held by the
local play house. Next year Holly will be in the 9th grade and
she can join the drama class full time at her school.

Every year for the last couple of years Holly and I have done
a girls night out and we take in the play that her school drama
class puts on. This past April was our last time to go together.
Next year I will be sitting out there with my family watching
Holly perform. I am so looking forward to it.
But that is not where the entertaining stops….she has been
known to put on little shows while just walking through a
room full of family. She is a mess but we all love her.

She is excellent in school, making A’s and every so often a B.
Both Kim and Mark are very smart and I can see where she
has gotten it from. But I think she takes her photographic
memory from her Granny, my Mom.

She is also a part of the school’s choir program. They take
a couple of trips a year to sing in other states. She has
been to Washington and St. Louis this past school year.
Holly has a good heart although she has been going
through that “teen attitude” lately. But we still love her.

Holly, I just wanted to wish you a very happy b-day. I
wish you only the best and I know that you will always
the best of everything. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Sweetie.

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Holly being Holly…or is it Cher.

Dragonfly or Damselfly

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When I was younger I never thought about a
dragonfly with any interest. I just thought of
them as flying bugs that hung around the lake
when we went fishing with my Dad. At that age
I never looked at them as a form of beauty.
They were just pesky bugs flying around.
I remember hearing them referred to as
“Snake Doctors” from my Mom.

The last few years I have begun to look at

them so differently. They are so colorful
and so graceful in their flight around. I
took more notice to them about four
years ago when a friend’s daughter was
graduating from high school and I was to
fly to Florida to attend the event. She so
loves the dragonfly so I felt that would make
a great gift. No, I did not take her a dragonfly;
I painted her one on canvas. At the time
I was studying them in books to see just
how to paint one, I then noticed their beauty.

Then last year I bought myself my first “real”
camera; a professional like camera. Not long
after getting it I was in the backyard snapping
away when a beautiful dragonfly came up off the
creek to fly around my plants in the backyard.
I waited for him to light somewhere so that I
could also snap him. He was a green color with
black wings. I have since learned that he is a
damselfly. Both these breeds belong to the order
of Odonata. They come from the same family I
take it but there are differences in them.

A damselfly is long and slender where a dragonfly

is usually stocky. On a dragonfly the eyes touch
or nearly touch at the top of the head, and the
eyes of a damselfly are separated, appearing to
each side of the head. Whatever the difference
I will probably still look upon them as being
“dragonfly’s” and I will continue to enjoy their
flying around and lighting from time to time so
that I may capture them on the camera.

There are 450 species (according the internet)

of dragonflies and damselflies that live in North
America, with about 150 of those species living
in New Hampshire and Vermont .
They can hover, fly sideways and backwards (I
have not seen the backwards trick yet), and
turn 90 degrees on an aerial dime. They prey
upon other insects like mosquitoes (and on my
creek they have a lot of those to fest on). Plus,
they can dart over water at 35 miles per hour.

Dragonfly’s eggs are laid and hatch in the water.

They will live under the water for two to four
years while they molt roughly a dozen times
before them crawl up a stem or rock in the
night or early morning during a warm season
and then squeeze out of a split in the skin on
their backs. They inflate their adult body with
air and pump up the wings with blood. The
wings then spread out to dry.

I wanted to share that since all that was new

to me, I thought you would enjoy learning it
also. The next time you see a dragonfly or a
damselfly, step back and enjoy their beauty
as they fly around.

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