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Reniassance Festival

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Every year for the last 25 or so years there
has been a Reniassance Festival held in
Arrington Tn., which is about a 55 min. drive
from the house. I have been wantingto go
for years and there has never been an excuse
since it runs for 4 weekends in the month of May.
This year I went…finally.
check it out at

There on the site where to festival takes place is

an actual castle built or the last 25 years by the
Freeman family. You are able to view the lower
level of the castle which is included in your festival
ticket. The buses over to the castle stop running about
2 hours before the festival is finished for the day.
My friend, Debbie and I got so tied up in walking the
festival, and me taking pictures that we missed the
castle. But thats okay also since we hada blast. Check it out.

People who are involved in the festival dress

in the mid-evil times but the fun part is that a lot
of people that attend the festival also dress in
the mid-evil times. So with that said, I am not
sure if all the pictures I took were of festival goers
or the people working it.! There was a show
that we attended, the Washer Womans show.
That was great. They involve the people watching
and there is lots of waterinvolved in the show! Pictures
attached! There was knife throwing shows, women belly
dancing and just actors walking around showing off there
style. Lots of booths selling mid – evil clothes, jewerly,
fairy stones to hand made items like baskets,wooden
swords and spices. Very interesting, lots of fun.

Debbie and I did this for several hours, then we went

to Arrington Winery.Very nice place. They had a band
playing, you can pack a lunch, wine taste and just enjoy
the views, the music and people watching. From
there we went back into Murfreesboro and went to
an other friends bakery. Julie and I have been friends
about 33 years or so. We met in Jr. High
School and our friendship developed from there.
To hear Julie tell it, she decided that she wanted to be
my friend since the school was a rough
place and she knew I would not take anything
off anyone! You should here that story told by her!!
But anyway, Julie and I have remained friends all
these years, I was her maiden of honor, and I babysat
her son when he was born. Since then I have attended
her son’s wedding! Yikes…its that
age thing again. Check out the bakery.

After the bakery stop, Debbie and I (which let me

mention that Debbie and I have been friends for 28
years. Been thru a lot together and supported each other
through so much) went to Red Robbin for dinner.
From there, which wasa big day, I took Debbie back
home then headed to the house. Enjoy the websites,
the pics and thanks for stopping by.



Wild Ride

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Years ago I owned a 1987 GM Sierra pickup.
Big thing, with big hauling mirrors on the side
and you had to step up into it. Loved that truck.

My brother Ray gave me that truck when it was
about 5 years old. It had the hauling mirrors on
the side because that is what they used to haul
Chase’s race car around when he started racing

I had not had the truck a couple of weeks when the
motor went out. Well, Ray was not going to let that
be a problem so he had another one put in for me.
Let me say, right here and now that I have two of
the most awesome brothers around.

After having the truck repaired things seemed
to be going well for awhile. Then one thing or
another would go out. Master cylinders for the
brakes, wheel cylinders, alternator, to the
regular stuff like brakes and shocks. It even
with stood the tornados that hit downtown
16 years ago. Most cars were thrown around,
into each other, glass blown out, but not my
truck. But the one thing that really got me
the most was when the accelerator stuck…
while I was driving. Not just down a nice,
quite, calm road but interstate 40 at rush
hour….talk about a wild ride!

The truck had been working just fine until
this one day. Actually it was fine that
morning and when I got in it to go home.
But where I entered the interstate is one
of those deals that you are getting on but
then cars need to get over to get off right
in front of you. So…I gunned it. I had a
clear shot and I was getting out of the
way. When I did that, my accelerator
stuck. I kept tapping the gas pedal and
trying to get my foot under it to lift it up
as I drove. No such luck. I could apply the
brakes, standing on them to get me to slow
enough that I did not hit anyone…of course
I was moving from one lane to the other and
for rush hour I was in luck, traffic was light.

I kept thinking I needed to pull over but I was
not to thrilled about that thought on that side
of town, so I kept going. I did so well it is scary.
When I got to my exit, things were not looking
so good. As you bear off the exit and then travel
over the interstate, you come to a red light.
At this point I knew there was no stopping and
the car in front of me had already came to a
complete stop. I moved to the side of the road,
stood on the brakes and cut the truck off. Luck
would have it that it came to a stop. I had not
hit anyone, and I was safe.

Now, since cell phones were not popular at that
point in time, I had to walk a few blocks to a
phone, in dress shoes! I tried to call my Mother,
no answer. I tried to call both my brothers,
no luck there. So I had to call my neighbor,
she came and got me, laughing the whole time,
took me to pick up my son and take him to meet
his Dad.

I had to have the truck towed to the house.
The guy who towed it was so nice that he even
popped the hood and took a look at the gas
pedal cable. It appeared to not be a big deal.
Apparently, the cable is covered by a plastic
tubing, my tubing had gotten dry, brittle and
it had cracked. When I hit the pedal getting
on the interstate, and then I let up, that brittle
cracked part hung on something else and would
not let go. As it was, I took the truck to the shop
to find out, yes, that was the problem and
everything else was fine. Even the brakes that
I was so sure I burned up!

What a wild ride!

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My niece Holly, who I have written about before
went out for class president for her school. Last
week she found out that she got it. Her best
friend Grace got the VP spot. Holly worked on
her posters, which were so cute. The
slogan she used was “Got Holly, She does a student
body good”. I am so proud of her.

Yesterday she took part in her Volley Ball teams
car wash. To funny to watch these kids out TRYING
to wash cars while they are goofing off. But I can
honestly say that she
took a part in washing her aunts car!

My other niece, Jessica, went to her prom the
other night. Beautiful dress but I have to question
the shoes! She wore some strange looking tennis
shoes, high tops with this silky long dress.
Go figure….Kids. To funny. I did not see the outfit
on her, she did show me both the
dress and shoes a week or so ago, but Lori my
sister in law sent me pics.

These girls are nuts! Anyway, I know Holly
will do a good job and she is very out going.
And I so hope that Jessy had
a good time at her prom.

The pics above are of Holly working on her
posters for President, her sign and he laying
down to show off the sign cause it was still
wet and thick and we did not want
the paint to run.

The pic’s below are of my niece Jessica and
her boyfriend, and one of Jessy and her Mom,
my sister in law, Lori.

Thanks for stopping in,

Lori (sister in law) and Jessy

Work Anniversary

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Friday will be the 1st anniversary of my last day with
the Department of General Services for the State of
TN. And then Saturday will be my first anniversary
of my present job with the Tennessee Bureau of
Investigation for the State of Tennessee. This past
year has really gone by fast and it does not seem
like I have been with the TBI for a year.

I started working for the State of Tennessee,
Department of General Services, Printing Division
right out of high school at the age of 18. After two
years of working there, having met my ex there,
gotten married while working there, I left to have
my first child, Amber. That was in December of 1980.
I stayed at home with her for a year or so then I
decided that I needed to work, a least part time.
So I worked a mixture of different places like
McDonalds, Revco and Kmart. After being away
from the printing division for 4 years, I was asked
did I want to return. The guy I had worked with in
the camera room and dark room was moving over
to the art room and they needed to fill that position.
I was working for the Swim Shop in Nashville, selling
swim team suits all over the U.S. at the time. Going
back to the state sounded pretty good.

I went back in May of 1985 (24) years ago to the same
job that I had left in 1980. I worked in the pre-press
section of the printing division for 14 years. I ran
the camera room and dark room all that time.
Learning paste up (there was no designing and
laying out on computers at that time), learned
some typesetting, plate making for the presses
and stripping up of the negatives. During this
time, I had another child, my son, Cory, and

As computers came in and things changed over
the years, like taking a design straight to a negative
from the computer, by passing the camera process…
my job was being fazed out. I was offered a position
in the procurement end of the printing division at
that time. I jumped on that one because I did not
care to be with a job. But at the same time, I was
scared to learn something new, would I be good at
it, could I learn the purchasing of equipment,
supplies, learn a computer program (let me mention
at this time…I knew NOT a thing about computers…
NOTHING)….but I learned it without a problem at
all. I passed the test to be an account clerk for this
position with flying colors. I loved my job, I loved
what I did. I enter acted and worked with vendors
that were just great.

Then after 3 years of that, I was offered another
promotion that would put me working with
customers (other departments within the state
that ordered printing). I was to become a printing
estimator and customer service rep. I thought,
okay…I am climbing up the ladder here, more
money and being a single parent raising two kids
I figured why not. I hated it. For four years I hated
it. I loved my customers but I so hated the pressure
of this job. I had to take in orders for my departments,
write the job up for the rest of the division to know
what they needed to do, how it was to print, the
amount of paper and ink it would take to do the job
….etc. STRESS! But I hung with it for 4 years.

At that point, I had a lot on me and I was looking
to move out of printing and was interviewing for
other departments…that in its self would be a
major step for me. Just over 21 years with that
division. I would be leaving my working family.
My boss got wind of this some how and offered
me another position. I would still be with the
same department, same division but I would be
moving into another building and working with
our Photographic Services people. They were
looking and needing a new secretary. I took it.
I loved it. I worked with other departments
setting up photo shoots, taking orders for photo’s,
keeping up with the other two people in the office
…the photographers, scheduling freelancers if
needed…lets just say, that office was mine. It
ran smooth and I loved it. But I was restless
and needing a change after 4 years.

Phil, photographer and friend had left Photo
Services to go work for the TBI. He told me
when he left, he would find me a job there.
Cause during his interviewing I told him that
he needed to tell the TBI that we were a team…
they had to hire me also!

Six months after Phil leaving, he emailed a job
spec to me for an Admin. Sec. for the Medicaid
Unit for the TBI and asked would I be interested.
I of course said yes. He went to the Asst. Director
and asked how he could get me on the interview
list. Having known the Asst. Director from when
he was GS director, having someone like Phil for
an employee (great work standards) , he was
willing to give me that interview. After a couple
of months, two interviews, background checks…
I was hired.

That was 1 year ago the 16th of this month that
I started that new chapter in my life.
I am still in contact with people from printing
and photo services…they were my family for 25
years. I still miss the job I did and the customers
from Photo Services and even up to yesterday,
customers call asking for me. But even with all
those years, the jobs and the changes, promotions
and people….I am happy I made this move. I married,
had two kids, divorced and had my first grandchild
while I was employed with the Department of General
Services. But coming to the TBI and working
with the awesome people I work with in the
Medicaid Unit, being welcomed
and excepted by them with open arms has been a
fantastic starting to that new chapter in my life.

So ….Happy Anniversary to me!
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Hello. Been a few days since I last posted on my blog
here. But sometimes life gets in the way of things like
this. My last post told about allergies, this time of year
and stuff like that. Well, the allergies kicked up and
actually put me down for a few days. I use to take
allergy shots but I stopped them 3 years ago. The
last couple of years have not been bad but this year
I paid. Funny thing about it was that the pollen count
was way down to almost nothing when it hit me….
but I am sure what got me was mold spores.
Over 7 days of rain and the mold kicks in.

Anyway, enough about that.

Over the last 5 or 6 years I have reconnected with
several people that I attended high school with
(the internet is great). I was able to do this via our
school website (which is awesome and manned by
one guy) or Facebook. But anyway, back about six
years ago I started wondering about people from
school, I think it’s part of getting older and you
want to kind of connect or reconnect with your
younger days….your youth, the same youth that
seems to have slipped away more and more lately.

Through friends from school and our website you
learn about people you went to school with that
have past on. Our website also has a remembrance
section that keeps up with the year someone has
past on and what year they graduated. At the same
time if you are a signed up member of this site, you
get an email letting you know these things also.

Tomorrow one of our class members will be buried.
He makes the ninth one since we graduated in 1978.
Unfortunately he makes the third one this year.
Just two weeks ago we lost another one. This is
moving way to fast. We may not be young kids
anymore but we are not that old at 48/49 years
of age. It’s an eye opener. Like a friend of mine
said just last night, “it’s not our grandparents,
or our parents anymore, it is our generation”.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff’s family
at this time and to all the families of the ones we
have lost from the class of 78 before Jeff.

And let me also say that I am thankful for the
reconnections that I have made in the last few
years. We were a graduation class of just over 300,
but the most of us had gone to school with each
other from 1st grade on up (for me it was 2nd
grade). So its nice to have that now even though
there was so many years there when some went
to college, we married and started our own families
that we lost touch. By the way, if anyone is reading
this….Pam D that I blog with is one of the
reconnections. We had 3 Pam’s in our classes
in elementary school. It was easy for the teachers
to call me Pam M. and Pam Goodman, Pam G…
but the rough part came when Pam D (was an M
then) and I were in the same class. Since we have
reconnected we now go by the other Pam, P1 or P2
….but she told me in an email earlier today that I
could go by THE P! I am thinking about that, but
for now, she goes by P2 and according to her I am
P1. Here’s to reconnection P2!

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Okay, its bad enough when the pollen is up and
you can justify allergies, but when the pollen is
down from rain….then comes the mold. The stuffy
nose, drainage and the cough. It’s a pitiful feeling.

I took allergy shots for years only to drop off and
stop taking them in 2006. I figured this would
be the year the allergies would kick back in
and the shots would be out of my system for
sure. Actually its not been that bad until today.

Right now I am sucking on a cough drop and trying
to keep from rubbing my eyes. The chest is tight
and the nose is running…wait, now its stopped
up again… alternates between the two.

We are having a break in the rain today….or at
least until tonight at some point. Cloudy just the
same. We have not had a nice sunny day in over
a week. Mother Nature, its time to give it up and
let the sun shine.

Thanks for stopping in,

Kids on the Block Fund Raiser – Chair-ish the Kids

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Thursday night I attended the fund raiser for
the Kid’s on the Block, Chair-ish
the kids. Kid’s is a non profit group that
takes puppets into the schools, churches,
and other organizations to teach kids about
life’s issues, like blindness, deafness,
CP, teen pregancy and so much more.

Every year they hold an annual fund raiser that
is centered around chairs. Most items donated by
local artist involve chairs, painted chairs, decorated
chairs, and paintings of chairs.

I have been a part of Kid’s for the last 5 years. The
first year I donated a childs painted rocking chair.
The next year it was a stool with Jack and the Beanstalk
painted on it. The last 3 years I have donated a painting
with a chair in it. Those items can be seen in my post
for Feb. 21, 2008 (Charish the Kids)and then this years
project is posted on Feb. 22, 2009 (Granny’s Front Porch).

During the fund raiser, there is a live auction which is
so much fun to watch. I saw a wooden, hand made toilet
seat, shaped like a hippo with the top of the lid being
painted like a hippo go for $400.00!

Then there is a silent auction where the most of the items
are put for people to bid on. I am pleased to say that
my painting this year for $90.00.

The first year I was at the fund raiser with
my friend, Phil. Matter of fact, he is the one that
got me into it. The next 3 years, I attended alone.
So this year I got my friend Debbie
involved in it. That way I was not attending
alone. Each artist gets a free ticket, but if you
bring someone, that ticket would
cost $100.00 each. My friends can’t afford that.

The event I think was a good one.
There were so many people
there, lots of items for auction. It was nice.

Below you will find some pics of the puppets.
If you look closely you will see the people dressed
in black that operate these puppets. Also attached
is a few of the chairs. Enjoy….