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Broadening my Cultural Experience

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Wow, what a title!

So how have I done this….well let’s see.
Back in 2003 I took a cruise to the Bahamas.
That was a total cultural difference. But I actually
looked at that has an adventure. And it was! So much
fun. That might have to be my next blog entry, my
two cruises….

Okay, as usual I have gotten off the subject. Let’s see,
first I tried to broaden those experiences with things that
I ate. You see, I use to not eat things that sounded strange
or add ingredients in them that I did not like (even if you
could not taste it). Heck, I use to not eat sour cream cause
of the word “sour”! But anyway, on my first cruise I
decided that it was an adventure and probably one I
would never partake in again….so I decided to try out
something I thought I would never try…..escargot, yep,
I ate snails! Oh my gosh, it was great. Cooked in garlic
and butter, a bit rubbery but the taste was nice. Since
then I have tried it fried, nope, did not care for that. I
have tried crawfish, where you snap the heads off and
suck the insides out…yep, another thing I did not care
for. Plus, there have been the oysters on a half shell,
you really don’t want my version on that one. But
covered in hot sauce and horseradish sauce, the taste
is not so bad.

Okay, that covers my food cultural experiences now
what about music! I am a country music listener mostly,
I love 50’s and 60’s oldies, a lot of musical soundtracks.
But this past November I went to see the Nashville Symphony.
I had been with school as a child and a friend on mine and
I went in my early 20’s. But this event was one I just did not
want to miss. The Symphony was playing to the movie of the
Wizard of Oz. Those of you who really know me, know that
is my most FAV movie of all times. I have to say that I enjoyed
the performance. There were a few draw backs, one being that it
was a revised version or re-mastered, color was so vibrant that
the ruby slippers were almost blinding. They had a glow about
them, as well as other items did. The movie at times was hard
to hear over the instruments. The plus side was, I was really a
neat experience and the seating in the new bldg. where the
Symphony plays is awesome. There would not be a bad seat
in the place.

Last night a friend of mine, Theresa and I took in another cultural
experience! We went to see the Nashville Jazz Orchestra play.
Along with the Orchestra was singer Mandy Barnett. Mandy
starred as country music legend Patsy Cline in the stage show
“Always…Patsy Cline” several years ago at our famous Ryman
Auditorium. She has a voice so like Patsy’s and she was so great
last night. She sang songs like “Cry me a River’, “In the Still of
the Night”, and “Up a Lazy River”….The two combined together,
her voice and the instruments was a fantastic combo. I am so glad
I went and was able to enjoy this…..all for $20.00.

On another note: Mandy will be performing with the original cast
from “Always..Patsy Cline” again starting in mid April to the end
of May. I hope to be able to take that show in as well. I have always
liked Patsy Cline’s music so I am sure to enjoy the show.

Thanks again for stopping in to read about me broadening my
cultural experiences!!




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Every now and then out of the blue an old story
hits me that I think would be funny to add to my
blog (can you tell)! Maybe I should right a book?
Not thinking that will happen, I am not really one
of your most organized sort of people.

Today’s story is an event that took place in my life
about three and a half years ago. I had not been
feeling my best (later to find out it was the sleep
apnea thing). But I had one major migraine after
another, I was having the sleep issues where I
thought I was getting enough at night but it seemed
during the day it never was enough. I could fall off
to sleep anywhere, anytime. I was in a long distance
relationship with a man whose Mother was ill and I
was putting a lot of time and effort into giving it my all
for him. I had my daughter and grandson living with me,
I was stressed and a bit on the depressed side. That
along with my job, daily issues and decisions was
putting a large overload on me.

One day, I parked my car about 10 minutes from my
home, right outside my Mom’s neighborhood to catch
the bus to work. This day, I was there before the bus
and I was not chasing it down, but I sat there for a
couple of minutes before it arrived.

On the way to work a strange feeling and question came
over me….where were my keys? When I got to work I
called my Mom and asked her that if she went out would
she go by and check to be sure that I had not left them in
the car. See, for stupid reason’s like this, my Mom has an
extra car key and house key for me (let’s not mention the
times I have locked myself out of the house).

Well, Mom had things to do so it was another couple hours,
3 total before she made it down to my car. She called me
to tell me that yes, I had left the keys in there, but not only
did I leave them in there, I left the car running! Three hours,
the car sit there in one spot and ran. OVERLOAD!

I have done things like cleaning out and changing purse’s
during the evening and the next day as I head out the door
I grab the new purse, stop and do something then pick up
the old purse (habit) and make it to the car with both of them.
Or to put peanut butter in the refrigerator. Or….better yet, put
a pot of water on the stove to boil for tea and walk out of the
room and start doing something else only to remember when
its to late. I have had to throw out so many pots…….

Those my friends are not my Senior Moments, Blonde
Moments..they are my lack of Oxygen to the Brain Moments
(with sleep apnea, you get lack of oxygen to the brain at night)
…..that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Thank you for stopping in once again…makes you wonder
what kind of story I will tell next!


Where did I leave the truck

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Years ago I use to ride the Metro bus to town everyday to
work. I did this to save on gas, wear and tear on the truck,
cost of parking and I could rest, read, talk and visit on the

On the back of the bus we had our own little group of people.
We visited everyday to and from work, shared our lifes and
our families. I use to catch the bus home right in front of
the bldg. I worked in down town. Walk right out the bldg.,
cross the street and would get right on the 4:25 bus home.

One day while sitting in the back of the bus with some
friends, talking and running my mouth like normal…heading
home…it hit me! I jumped up out of my seat, shouted “OH
CRAP” (actually I think I used another word that relates to the
same thing), started pulling on the bell wire to stop the bus. Everyone
was looking at me, “What’s wrong Pam”, “What’s the matter”…
I had to look them in the face, without laughing (or crying as
it should have been), I said ” I drove today”!

Yep, I drove. Parked about 10 blocks away, up the hill in the
parking garage. So I got off the bus (luckly it was just leaving
town) at Riverfront Park, and walked back up, past 5th
and Charlotte, to the parking garage where my truck awaited

Okay…so this would not be the first time I had pulled something
like this. I was famous for chasing the bus in the morning, so you
never knew where I would catch it, or where I would be parked.
I had been known to park in Donelson and take the bus all the
way to Hermitage, just to get off where I should have parked
and not find my truck or car. Someone would always take me
back or I would have to call my Mom and have her take me back.

Overload mostly, unorganized a bit also…who knows. Luck would
have it that I park right in front of my bldg. now! Easy to find my

A Card

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I know it is a couple of weeks past my birthday but
I wanted to share a card that I got. I meant to do it around
the day but my mind wonders around so much and I
tend to get so much going on that I forget other things!
Welcome to my life!!!

I have friend that I met a little over a year ago. We
met over the internet, on a site for Mom’s. The site
was called Clubmom (CM). It recently ended but luckly a
lot of the Mom’s I met have ventured over to Facebook
so we still stay in touch. Anyway on CM you posted
daily pics of kids, nature, grandkids..etc on your calendar
for all to view and comment on.

I met Nancy through my cousin, on CM. We seemed all
three of us hit it off. Nancy lives in Ohio, so to this day we have
not met face to face. We send cards, gifts, call, email, but that
meeting has not happened as of yet. Although that is to change
in May when she comes to visit.

Nancy is in to photography, like my cousin and I are. Only she
has put her photo’s to a small business. She makes her photo’s into
greeting cards. For my birthday, she made me my very own special
card. She is great with staging, something I am not. Kathy, my cousin,
is great photographing kids, and I do nature well. So we all three have
our strong points.

Here is my own special card, made by Nancy for me.
Thanks Nancy. Sorry Nan, not the best photo of your card.


Another Dakota Story

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This little dog is so set in his ways, so spoiled and
such a baby when it comes to certain things.
He had been living with me for a little over 1.5 yrs., and
had developed his own PLACE in the car. He loved sitting
in Caleb’s booster set. When Caleb was not in the car, that
is where Dakota set. I would lower the window just enough for
him to hand in head out and this dog was in heaven.

One day as I cleaned the car, I removed the booster set,
took it apart to wash the cover. Later as I headed to my Mom’s,
without the seat, windows down……I lost my dog. I had the
radio up, on the phone and I was not sure where I lost him.
The one thing I was sure of was that he was in the Hermitage
Hills area. I remember him popping in between the seats as
I turned up Bonnafield.
After an hour of searching, crying and so afraid for him…
I found him. He had walked, crawled, or hopped to a side
street and was sitting under a tree…waiting. I got out and
called for him and he hopped over to me, acting so ticked
off. I think he was mad cause I took so long to find him.
He was in pain so Mom and I headed to the animal clinic,
after hours of course.

Dakota had a broken leg. Not just broken but it was broke
in such a way that he required surgery, a plate and a pin
put in his leg.

I am sure he did not jump from the car. I think what
happened was without the booster seat to stand up
on, he must have tried to stand on the door handle to
get a bit further out the window, just at that point I
went around a curve. I think that is when he fell out.
It was a miracle that I did not run over him.

He is fine now. Surgery went well, he was jumping,
like a terrier does within a week (against drs. orders).
He limps from time to time in cold weather.

Here is a pic of a dog on drugs!!!! He was a mess after



Granny’s Front Porch

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The title of this year’s fund raiser for “Kid’s of the Block”.

I started to work on it yesterday afternoon and all went
so well that I finished it up last night. It was not a hard
or time consumming painting but I think it turned out
really nice.

I have to have the painting turned in by March 30th. The actual
fund raiser will be April 30th.

Enjoy my latest painting, leave a comment and let
me know what you think.

Thanks again for stopping in..


Charish The Kids

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Saturday! Finally…it seems that it takes forever for
Friday and Sat. to roll around but Monday seems like
it flys by!

Nothing major and or funny to post in my blog today.
I think I will take it easy this weekend, no running
around for me and see if I can get some rest. I have
laundry to do and a little bit of picking up but from
there I think I will try to paint some.

I have the show coming up but I also have a fund raiser
coming up at the end of April also. I have to have my
project finished and dropped off by March 30th.

The fund raiser is for “Kids on the Block”, which is a program
of STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand). They reach out
to 40,000 elementary aged students a year using Bunraku
Puppetry. They teach and educate them on difficult life
issues such as child abuse, prejudice, and awareness of

This fund raiser is focused around chairs and is called
“Chair-ish the Kids”. It is artwork that is sold and auctioned
off with a chair theme. This will be my 5th year to be a part
of it.

Caleb and I painted a rocking chair when he was about 4 yrs.
old, just to be doing something fun together. I had no clue what
I would do with it. Caleb had his own rocker. But I figured I
would just put it in my Mom’s next yard sale. My friend and
a photographer that I worked with in Photo Services for the State,
so a picture on the rocker. He suggested me donating it to “Kids”.
He had done some work with them for a couple of years. I had
never heard of it but it sounded so neat. The next year I did a stool,
the last two years I have done a painting, as I will this year.

The first photo is of course the rocking chair, it brought in $125.00.
The stool, with Jack in the Beanstock, and the vine climbing up on
leg brought in $85.00. The 1st painting I did (the chair inside with
the light coming through the window) was titled “Charish the
Light”, $85.00 and the painting from last year, “Charish the Peace”,
Enjoy my works of art. I am going to start laundry and make a bed…
then to paint.
Thanks for stopping in,